BUCHI Glass Soxhlet Extraction Chamber

An optimal solution for extracting lipids from a solid material in the laboratory. Soxhlet Extractor D47mm

BUCHI GL-14 Hose Barbs for Rotavapor™ R-300

For use with Rotavapor™ R-300. X4 House Nipple GL14 cpl (4)

BUCHI Pump Head

Pump head V-700/710

BUCHI 3/2 Way Valve

3/2 Way Valve

BUCHI Receiving Vessel

Receiving Vessel

BUCHI Glass Head Set

For use with Buchi™ Vacuum Systems V-500/V-513. Set of Glashead for V-500

BUCHI Screw Connection Set

Flange screwed connection complete

BUCHI Sample Tubes Set

X4 500 ml sample tube, 4


Tank for water 10 l, complete

BUCHI O-ring


BUCHI Viton Gasket Sets

X6 Viton gasket standard

BUCHI Glass Connector

Connector to suction module cpl.

BUCHI Vacuum Gasket - KD-26

Vacuum Gasket Kd 26

BUCHI Condenser Accessories: Support Rod

Condenser holder cpl. for V,C,CR,S assembly

BUCHI Cap Nuts

Screw Cap SVL 22

BUCHI Receiving Flasks for Rotary Evaporators

Use these receiving flasks with any rotary evaporator. Buchi™ Spherical Receiving Flasks offer high chemical resistance against acids, alkalis and organic substances. Ideal for collecting condensed solvents. Receiving Flask 500 Ml

BUCHI Floating Switch

Floating Switch Cpl

BUCHI Syncore™ Seals for Vacuum Cover Set

X6 Sealing discs for rack R-4 /6, PTFE

BUCHI Suction Module Gasket

Gasket to suction module, PTFE (1 pc.)

BUCHI Filter Holder

Filter Holder B-412

BUCHI Vacuum Seal WD-26 for Rotavapors™ R-210/215 and RII

Convenient and efficient rotary evaporation. Vacuum Seal WD-26 for Rotavapors™ R-210/215 and RII enables the user to realize the highest expectations in convenience and versatility. Gasket WD26


Seal PTFE, D 22/16 mm

BUCHI Stopcocks

Stop Cock Ns18,8*26

BUCHI Vacuum Gasket Sets

X5 Vacuum Gaskets