Buerkle™ White Polypropylene Tubes with Screw Cap

Empties fully without residue retention. Buerkle™ White Polypropylene Tubes with Screw Cap are impervious to light, sterilizable, and suitable for use with foodstuffs. Screw cap tube PP 60ml

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Barrel Pump with Discharge Hose and Stopcock

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Barrel Pump with Discharge Hose and Stopcock allow a fast transfer of liquids from barrels, canisters and tanks. DRUM PUMP PP IMMERSION DEPTH 1250 MM W/TUBE ANDstopcock

Tubing Connector X-Shape PVDF 4mm

Cylindrical four-way hose connector to connect hoses X10 Connector X-shape PVDF 4mm

Buerkle™ HDPE Jerrican

Use these jerricans for liquid storage or transport. Buerkle™ HDPE Jerricans are UN transport approved and include a tamper-evident seal. CARBOY HDPE 20L BLUE

Buerkle™ Rapid Couplings, Female Connections, Hose Couplings with Conical External Thread

Fast and safe connection for liquids, gases, compressed air and vacuum. Buerkle™ Rapid Couplings are ideal when connecting and separating hoses, machines, apparatus, containers and more. Rapid couplings 3.2mm female connections 1/8'' NPT 26mm

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Spatula

Universal instrument for collecting, dividing and mixing pastes, creams etc. Spatula V2A stainless steel, length 180mm

Buerkle™ Aluminum Bottles with Tamper-evident Screw Cap and Inner Seal

Can be completely emptied without residues. Buerkle™ Aluminum Bottles with Tamper-evident Screw Cap and Inner Seal is odour-neutral, impervious to light, and rustproof. Particularly suited to store, transport or send substances and reference samples which have to be stored completely unaltered. Aluminium bottle, UN, AL 99.5, 3000 ml w/ cap

Buerkle™ Funnel, Stainless Steel

The Funnel, stainless steel can be used to pour and transfer free-flowing powders, liquids and slightly viscous media easily. The sturdy stainless steel funnel can be used in a wide variety of applications. Funnel, stainless steel, 60mm

Buerkle™ Control Seal Close-it Food & Pharma Maxi 150x150

Control seal with an adhesive approved for use with foodstuffs. Reliably prevents products from leaking out after sampling. X250 Close-it food 150x150mm green, 1 roll

Buerkle™ Packaging Bags with Closure

Designed with “zipper” closure for storing, collecting, protecting and shipping. Buerkle™ Packaging Bags with Closure are suited for specimens, samples and sales products. LDPE-VERPACKUNGSBEUTEL, 300X200MM (VE=100STCK.)

Buerkle™ AccuOne™ Pump Station with Discharge Tube

Buerkle™ AccuOne™ Pump Station with Discharge Tube is driven by a rechargeable battery which allows it to be used at several stationary pump stations. ACCUONE PUMP TUBE 1000MM

Buerkle™ Polyethylene Hose Couplings

Attachable, conical hose couplings for pressureless operation. X10 hose couplings 11 - 14 mm

V4A Stainless Steel Extension Rod

Buerkle™ V4A Stainless Steel Extension Rod for Buerkle™ SiloPicker allows samples to be taken from depths down to 3.5 m. SiloPicker extension 100cm

LaboPlast™ Polystyrene Scoop 100mL Without Cover

The LaboPlast™ disposable scoop made of polystyrene is produceand assembled in our clean room of class 7 and individually packaged for disposable use.The disposable scoop is ideal for powders, granulates and pastes. X10 Scoop LP, dispo, 100ml w/o c

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Rods for Draining Racks

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Rods for Draining Racks can be replaced and have their positions changed. ROD FOR DRAINING RACK 10X100 MM

Buerkle™ Storage Bottles with Threaded Connector

Buerkle™ Storage Bottles with Threaded Connector has thick sides with sturdy carrying handle for safe transport and storage. PE-VORRATSFLASCHE 5 LITER MIT GEWINDE- STUTZEN

Buerkle™ Close-it™ Control Seal

Prevent sample loss with these adhesive seals. Buerkle™ Close-it™ Control Seals were developed to prevent sample loss through holes created by sampling lances. Labels have a sandwich-type structure (aluminum/paper) and seal containers hermetically (vapor barrier). CLOSURE SEAL CLOSEIT 150X150 MM RED

Buerkle™ Safe-it™ Tamper-Proof Labels

Buerkle™ Safe-it™ Tamper-Proof Labels shows a silver checkerboard pattern on both the subsurface and surface of the sticker itself when the label is broken. SAFE-IT, SICHERHEITSETIKETT, 1 ROLLE MIT 500 ETIK.

Buerkle™ MiniSampler Adapter

Manufactured from PTFE. Buerkle™ MiniSampler Adapter fits glass thread GL45. For use with Buerkle™ MiniSampler PTFE. PTFE ADAPTER FOR GL45

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Ball Valve with Discharge Angle

Ball valve PP fits all containers with R 3/4” connection thread. It can be attached to nearly all containers with thread adapters. Robust industrial quality, large flow. KUGELHAHN NW 12 MIT AUSLAUFWINKEL

Buerkle™ PTFE Barrel Pump Ultrapure - Discharge Hose

Due to the high chemical resistance of the medium-contacting parts made of PTFE and FEP, even liquids which attack conventional materials such as PP or PVC can now be safely transferred (except for elemental fluorine) with this PTFE barrel pump Ultrapure - discharge hose. PTFE barrel pump Ultrapure - discharge hose

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Hose Tubing Connectors with Cylindrical Nozzles

Safeguard a flexible and safe connection for demanding applications with these connectors. Buerkle™ Polypropylene Hose Tubing Connectors with Cylindrical Nozzles are available in a variety of sizes to extend, connect, branch, join and repair hoses and tubing. X10 CONNECTOR STRAIGHT PP 4MM ID

Buerkle™ Instrument Tray

Buerkle™ — Buerkle™ Instrument Trays — ideal for various uses in laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, the food and beverage industry INSTRUMENT TRAY 500 MLLxBxH=210x110x35 mm

Buerkle™ Jumbo Sampler

Buerkle™ Jumbo Sampler is ideal for coarse grains and larger quantities. ZONENSAMMLER MIT PTFE-SEPARATOREN, 1355 MM,50/1500 mm

Buerkle™ Spoon Spatula, Stainless Steel

The Spoon spatula stainless steel can be used in many different applications. The double-sided multi-purpose spoon is a spoon on one side and a spatula on the other. The poly-spoon is ideal for use in chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and the food industry. Spoon spatula stainless steel, 180mm

Buerkle™ Wide Mouth Jerrycans

Designed with extremely wide filling opening . Buerkle™ Wide Mouth Jarrycans are easy to fill and clean inside; critical when storing sensitive substances. HDPE-Weithalskanister mit Gewindstutzen 5 Liter

Buerkle™ DispoLance Disposable Sampler

Used for taking large and small sample quantities directly from bags. The Buerkle™ DispoLance Disposable Sampler is suitable for free-flowing powders and small-grain granulates. It is available in sterile and non-sterile varieties. X20 DispoLance LaboPlast, HDPE, 500 mm

Buerkle™ Deep-Form Photographic Tray without Bottom Ribs

Use these trays for universal laboratory or storage purposes. Buerkle™ Deep-Form Photographic Tray without Bottom Ribs are made of high quality PVC and available in shallow or deep models in 3 attractive, high-gloss colors: white, red and black. CUVE DE DEVELOPPEMENT FILMS PHOTO

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Ice Borer

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Ice Borer is a sampler for deep-frozen and semi-solid substances products in the food industry. ICE BORER 50MM54mm, Drilling depth: 200mm