Buerkle™ White Polypropylene Tubes with Screw Cap

Empties fully without residue retention. Buerkle™ White Polypropylene Tubes with Screw Cap are impervious to light, sterilizable, and suitable for use with foodstuffs. JAR PP WHITE 125 ML

Buerkle™ Easy-Click™ Closure

Regulate the flow of liquids and gasses with these hose clips. Buerkle™ Easy-Click™ Closure features a knurled screw for stepless, delicate flow regulation or complete stop of the flow. The closure compresses the hose over a wide area against the steel hook to prevent damage to the hose. CLAMP TUBE OD 20MM GREEN

Buerkle™ Deep-Form Photographic Tray without Bottom Ribs

Use these trays for universal laboratory or storage purposes. Buerkle™ Deep-Form Photographic Tray without Bottom Ribs are made of high quality PVC and available in shallow or deep models in 3 attractive, high-gloss colors: white, red and black. HIGH TRAY FOTO SIZE 40X50 CM BLACK

Buerkle™ Dosi-Pump

Buerkle™ Dosi-Pump is designed for dosing liquids of different viscosities and is suitable for barrels, canisters, carboys or bottles. DISPENSER DOSE 250 ML

Buerkle™ Aluminum Bottles with Tamper-evident Screw Cap and Inner Seal

Can be completely emptied without residues. Buerkle™ Aluminum Bottles with Tamper-evident Screw Cap and Inner Seal is odour-neutral, impervious to light, and rustproof. Particularly suited to store, transport or send substances and reference samples which have to be stored completely unaltered. ALUMINIUM BOTTLE 57X97MM 120ML

Buerkle™ Polyacetal Hose Clips

Use these Buerkle™ Polyacetal Hose Clips to clamp down on tubing for a sure and secure fit. X10 SCHLAUCHSCHELLEN AUS POM, 10-11 MM

Buerkle™ Instrument Tray

Buerkle™ — Buerkle™ Instrument Trays — ideal for various uses in laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, the food and beverage industry INSTRUMENT TRAY 2300 MLLxBxH=350x250x40 mm

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Barrel Pump with Discharge Hose and Stopcock

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Barrel Pump with Discharge Hose and Stopcock allow a fast transfer of liquids from barrels, canisters and tanks. DRUM PUMP PP IMMERSION DEPTH 1250 MM W/TUBE ANDstopcock

Buerkle™ Filling Scoop


Tubing Connector X-Shape PVDF 4mm

Cylindrical four-way hose connector to connect hoses X10 Connector X-shape PVDF 4mm

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Compact Spigot

Saves space with compact design. Buerkle™ Polypropylene Compact Spigot for canisters and barrels is ideal for use within refrigerators and on racks. STOPCOCK COMPACT 3/4'

Buerkle™ DispoTube Disposable Sampler

Designed with an ergonomic handle for easy sampling in difficult conditions. The Buerkle™ DispoTube Disposable Sampler is intended for taking samples of liquids and can easily be used with gloves. X20 DispoTube LaboPlast, HDPE, 1000 mm, 200 ml

Buerkle™ HDPE Jerrican

Use these jerricans for liquid storage or transport. Buerkle™ HDPE Jerricans are UN transport approved and include a tamper-evident seal. CARBOY HDPE 20L BLUE

Buerkle™ Rapid Couplings, Female Connections, Hose Couplings with Conical External Thread

Fast and safe connection for liquids, gases, compressed air and vacuum. Buerkle™ Rapid Couplings are ideal when connecting and separating hoses, machines, apparatus, containers and more. Rapid couplings 3.2mm female connections 1/8'' NPT 26mm

Buerkle™ Straight Suction Tube

These disposable tubes can be immersed absolutely vertically into the container. X10 SUCCION TUBE PA STRAIGHT END

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Spatula

Universal instrument for collecting, dividing and mixing pastes, creams etc. Spatula V2A stainless steel, length 180mm

Buerkle™ Spill Trough Laboratory Tray

Suited for environmentally dangerous aggressive substances, for laboratory work, as an etching tray, an instrument holder, a medicine tray, for photographic development, as a sample presentation tray or a display tray for foodstuffs. Buerkle™ Spill Trough Laboratory Trays are practical, all-purpose trays that can be nested when empty, and are durable, shatterproof and resist flexing. WASHBASIN POLYPROPYLENE 21 L

Buerkle™ Tamper Evident Screw Cap

Buerkle™ Tamper Evident Screw Cap with DIN50 thread size is suitable for use with jerrycans. Original screw cap DIN 50

Buerkle™ Burkle™ Polyethylene Spigot Jumbo with Tap

Spigot with tap for R2in.barrel thread, 50 mm flow, for viscous media such as lacquers, glue, shampoo. SPIGOT JUMBO BROWN 2' THREAD

Buerkle™ SteriPlast™ Scoops

Sample powder, granules, and pastes with these sterile polystyrene scoops. Buerkle™ SteriPlast™ Scoops are available with or without transparent lids to help ensure a sterile and contamination-free sampling procedure. X10 Scoop SP 25 ml with cover

Buerkle™ Brass Shackle

Shackle made of brass, made of metal that does not produce sparks. SHAKLE BRASS

Buerkle™ HDPE Zonedispo™ Sampler

The ZoneDispo disposable all-layer sampler is used in sampling to collect a representative all-layer sample from three different layers. Suitable for free-flowing powders and small-grain granulates. The collected sample can be secured and transported in the closed sampler. X20 ZONEDISPO 100ML)

Buerkle™ Control Seal Close-it Food & Pharma Maxi 150x150

Control seal with an adhesive approved for use with foodstuffs. Reliably prevents products from leaking out after sampling. X250 Close-it food 150x150mm green, 1 roll

Buerkle™ Packaging Bags with Closure

Designed with “zipper” closure for storing, collecting, protecting and shipping. Buerkle™ Packaging Bags with Closure are suited for specimens, samples and sales products. SAMPLE BAG PE SEALABLE 120X170 MM FOR STICK-PROOF

Buerkle™ AccuOne™ Pump Station with Discharge Tube

Buerkle™ AccuOne™ Pump Station with Discharge Tube is driven by a rechargeable battery which allows it to be used at several stationary pump stations. ACCUONE PUMP TUBE 1000MM

Buerkle™ Polyethylene Hose Couplings

Attachable, conical hose couplings for pressureless operation. X10 hose couplings 11 - 14 mm

V4A Stainless Steel Extension Rod

Buerkle™ V4A Stainless Steel Extension Rod for Buerkle™ SiloPicker allows samples to be taken from depths down to 3.5 m. SiloPicker extension 100cm

Buerkle™ Compact Jerrycan, Electroconductive

The compact jerrycan, electroconductive is especially well suited for use in explosion-proof areas. With a specific surface resistance of <105 ohms, the canister has a very high electrical conductivity. Compact jerrycan, electroconductive,without threaded connector, Capacity 5L

LaboPlast™ Polystyrene Scoop 100mL Without Cover

The LaboPlast™ disposable scoop made of polystyrene is produceand assembled in our clean room of class 7 and individually packaged for disposable use.The disposable scoop is ideal for powders, granulates and pastes. X10 Scoop LP, dispo, 100ml w/o c