BRAND™ BRANDplates immunoGrade™ 96-Well Microplates

An excellent choice for the majority of standard ELISAs as well as solid phase immunoassays X100 Microplate, immunoGrade, 96-well, PS trans.b., black,'F'bottom 330µl 100 pcs

BRAND™ Oval Shape PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bars

PTFE construction. Ideal for vessels with round bottom, such as a round-bottom flask. X10 Magnetic stirring bar PTFE70x 20mm, oval

Brand™ Blaubrand™ AR-GLAS™ 2-Mark Bulb Pipets

Manufactured from AR-GLAS™ Soda-lime glass. BRAND™ Blaubrand™ AR-GLAS™ 2-Mark Bulb Pipets include DE-M Marking in blue enamel. Delivered with batch number and enclosed one batch certificate per packing unit of the manufacturer. DAkkS calibration certificate available upon request. X6 Bulb pipette BLAUBRAND cl. AS conf.cert.15ml, two marks, AR-Glas

Brand™ BLAUBRAND™ Borosilicate Glass Class A Volumetric Flask with Polypropylene Stopper, with Certificate

Manufactured from Borosilicate 3.3 glass. Calibrated to contain (TC, In.) Delivered with batch number and batch certificate. Delivered with individual conformity certificate. Vol. flask BLAUBRAND class A DE-M 10000ml, NS45/40, PE-stopper, w/ind. conformity certificate

BRAND™ Polypropylene Bucket

Reinforced rim and handle offer sturdy control. Spout provides easy pouring and prevents spilling. Bucket, PP, without lid, with spout15 l h. 340mm reinforced rim and handle

BRAND™ PLT™ Pipet Leak Testing Unit Accessories

Used withBRAND PLT™ Pipet Leak Testing Unit. PLT Pipet Leak Testing Unit Accessories are used to improve process reliability in detecting small leaks in air displacement pipets. Available accessories include single- and multichannel pipet adapters, universal power supply, and replacement filters. Pipette adapter for PLT unit single-channel, f. testing without tips

BRAND™ Double-Ended PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bars

Excellent centering X10 Magnetic stirring bar PTFE length 54mm, double-ended

BRAND™ Dispensette™ S Fixed-volume Bottletop Dispensers

The Dispensette™ S Fixed Volume Bottletop Dispensers feature a “floating piston” design for low-force operation and no wearing parts. Optimized flow channels make dispensing and priming even easier-particularly in instruments with large volumes. Designed for general-purpose dispensing applications. Bottletop dispenser Dispensette S, Fixed-volume, DE-M marking, 10ml, w/ recirculation valve

BRAND™ Wide Neck LDPE Bottle

Amber LDPE bottle with wide neck Bottle, PE-LD, wide neck, 1000ml, GL65, amber, opaque, screw cap

BRAND™ PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bars, Cylindrical Shape

Manufactured from PTFE. BRAND™ PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bars, Cylindrical Shape are suitable for universal applications. Rounded, smooth surface provides effective stirring action. X10 PTFE-Magnetrührstäbchen, zylindrisch, 2,5 x 2,5 mm

Brand™ Plain Interior Polypropylene Funnels

An excellent option with high temperature resistance for general laboratory use. X24 Trichter, PP, AD=40 mm, Stiel-L=35 mm A.-D. 40 mm St.A.-D. 5 mm St.L. 35 mm

Brand™ Blaubrand™ IntraMARK™ Disposable Micropipets

Constructed of disposable glass and conforms to DIN ISO 7550 standards. BRAND™ Blaubrand™ IntraMARK™ Disposable Micropipets include ring mark, and are CE-marked according to IVD Directive 98/79 CE. All surfaces are fire polished for smoothness and to minimize pipet adapter wear. Color-coded to ISO for clear identification. X1000 Micropip. BLAUBRAND IntraMark cert. IVD(with ring mark), mark at 50 and 100µl

Brand™ Blaubrand™ AR-GLAS™ 1-Mark Bulb Pipets, with Certificate

Manufactured from AR-GLAS™ Soda-lime glass. BRAND™ Blaubrand™ AR-GLAS™ 1-Mark Bulb Pipets include DE-M Marking in blue enamel. Delivered with individual conformity certificate. Bulb pipette BLAUBRAND cl. AS DE-M 100ml, one-mark, AR-Glas , w/ind. conformity certificate

Brand™ Stopper PE-Caps

X100 Stopper, PEfor centrifuge tubes art.-no. 1153 54

Brand™ Blaubrand™ Class A Borosillicate Glass Tall Form Measuring Cylinder

Manufactured from Borosilicate Glass and complies with DIN ISO 4788 standards. BRAND™ Blaubrand™ Class A Borosilicate Glass Tall Form Measuring Cylinder includes integral spout and hexagonal glass base for stability. Graduations are marked in blue enamel for easy volume assessment. X2 Cylinder Brand BLAUBRAND classA conformity

BRAND™ BLAUBRAND™ Glass Volumetric Flasks, Class A, USP, Certified

Indispensable for preparing dilutions and standard solutions X2 Vol. flask, BLAUBRAND, USP, cl. A, cert.50ml Boro 3.3 NS 12/21 glass-stopper

BRAND™ seripettor™ Bottletop Dispensers

Suitable for use with bases, buffers, aqueous solutions of organic and inorganic substances, dilute non-oxidizing acids, and many polar solvents. Space-saving, low-rise design provides stability for easy one-handed operation and fit most common reagent bottles with the included adapters. Bottletop Dispenser Seripettor 1-10ml/0.2ml

BRAND™ Porcelain Desiccator Plate

Porcelain construction. Can be used with either glass or plastic dessicators. Desiccator plate, porcelainnom. size 150mm, thickn. 140mm

Brand™ Positive Displacement Tips

Manufactured from high quality polypropylene (cylinder) and HDPE (piston.) BRAND™ Positive Displacement Tips are suitable for dispensing fluids of high viscosity or high vapor pressure. Ideal for the BRAND™ repetitive pipet HandyStep™ electronic (with automatic tip size recognition) and HandyStep™ / HandyStep™ S. Individually wrapped to preserve sterility. X100 PD-tips individual ß-sterile cert. IVD2,5ml,piston PE-HD, cylinder PP

BRAND™ PMP Low Form Graduated Beakers with Embossed Scale

Clear PMP construction. Beaded rim and spout offer pouring ease and prevent spilling. X12 BEAKER LOW FORM PMP 50:10 ML EMB. SCALE

Brand™ Blaubrand™ Borosilicate Glass Class A USP Volumetric Flask

Manufactured from Class A Borosilicate Glass and complies with DIN EN ISO 1042 standards.BRAND™ Blaubrand™ Borosilicate Glass Class A USP Volumetric Flask includes polypropylene stopper and USP batch certificate. DE-M Marking provides easy volume check. X2 Vol. flask, BLAUBRAND, cl.A, USP, cert. 500ml,Boro 3.3, NS 19/26, PP-stopper

BRAND™ BRANDplates cellGrade™ plus 96-Well Microplates

Designed for the cultivation of cells in reduced-serum media and fastidious cell lines X50 Microplate, cellGrade+, 96-well, PStransp.b.,white,'F'bottom 330µl 50 pcs

BRAND™ LDPE Wide Neck Wash Bottle

High-quality wash bottles with integrated wash stream and sealing cone closure X5 Wash bottle, PE-LD, wide neck, 250mlDist.water,white

BRAND™ Translucent Polypropylene Y-shape Tubing Connector

Constructed of translucent polypropylene. Accommodates three tubes with Y-shaped stem and arms. X20 Tubing connector, PP, Y-shapef. tub.inner dia.8- 9mm tot. l. 64mm

BRAND™ Polypropylene Thread Adapters

These Polypropylene (PP) and Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) adapters are for general purpose use and are ideal for use with Dispensetter bottletop dispensers. Thread adapter Disp./Titrette/seripettor PP, out.thr. GL 45, f.bottle thr. S 40

BRAND™ Screw Cap For Media Bottle

For use with media/ reagent bottle X10 Screw Cap GL56, White, for Media Bottle 500ml

BRAND™ inertGrade™ 96-well Microplates

Especially suited for cell cultures when adhesion is not desired.Reduction of cell adhesion and protein adsorption minimizes enzyme and cellular activation to aid in the inhibition of the differentiation of progenitor or stem cells and promotes the formation of spheroids. X5 BRANDplates, 96, inertG., PS, black, trans.b

Brand™ Blaubrand™ Class A Borosilicate Glass Volumetric Flasks with Glass Stopper

Constructed of Borosilicate Glass and complies with DIN EN ISO 1042 standards. BRAND™ Blaubrand™ Class A Volumetric Flask with Glass Stopper is available in both narrow neck and wide neck options in a variety of sizes. DE-M marking on neck provides quick and accurate volume check. X2 Vol. flask BLAUBRAND class A conf.cert.25ml W Boro 3.3 NS12/21 glass stopper

Brand™ Polystyrene Petri Dishes

Constructed of polystyrene.BRAND™ Polystyrene Petri Dishes and their lids are assembled robotically to reduce the risk of contamination. Transparent, with disposable lid. Lids are available with or without venting. X480 Disposable petri dish, PS, with lidlid dia. 94mm overall h. 16mm w/o vent

Brand™ Graduated Beakers with Handle, Blue Scale

Manufactured from polypropylene. BRAND™ Graduated Beakers with Handle, Blue Scale include an ergonomic handle for secure grip. Functional spout helps to minimize spills. Cleaning up to max. 60°C is recommended to preserve marks and inscriptions. Autoclaving (121°C) is not recommended. X24 GRAD. BEAKER PP 50:2 ML BLUE SC. HANDLE