Brand™ Rack Packed Tubes

Compatible with standard microplates and suitable for working with multi-channel pipettors. BRAND™ Rack Packed Tubes are ideal for biological tests, such as PCR*, cell uptake studies, RIA and EIA. X960 Tube, 1,2ml, rack packed, PPRack w.12 strips/8 tubes non-sterile

Brand™ Adapter Dispensette for bottle thread GL 28, outer thread GL 32 ETFE spare part Brand

Thread adapter f. Disp./Titr./seripettor ETFE out.thr. GL 32 f.bottle thr.GL/S 28

BRAND™ Octagonal Shape PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bars

PTFE construction. Angular surface creates high turbulence even at low speeds. X10 Magnetic stirring bar PTFE15x8mm, octagonal, pivot ring

BRAND™ BLAUBRAND™ Amber Borosilicate Glass Class A Volumetric Flask with Glass Stopper

Manufactured from Amber Borosilicate Glass and compllies with DIN EN ISO 1042 standards. BRAND™ Blaubrand™ Amber Borosilicate Glass Class A Volumetric Flask with Glass Stopper protects light-sensitive liquids from deterioration.Batch number and certificate enclosed with packing. DakkS calibration certificate available upon request. X2 Vol. flask BLAUBRAND A conf.cert. amber 10ml WBoro 3.3 NS 10/19 glass stopper

BRAND™ Class B Polypropylene Volumetric Flask

High clarity polypropylene construction. Exposure to temperatures up to 60°C will not cause permanently exceeded error limits. Vol. flask PP high clarity100ml, NS 14/23, PP-stopper

BRAND™ BRANDplates™ pureGrade™ S 384-well Microplates

Non-treated sterile microplates for diverse applications X50 Microplate, pureGrade S, 384-well, PStrans.b., white, 'F'bottom 120µl 50 pcs

Brand™ Blaubrand™ Trapezoidal Volumetric Flask with Polypropylene Stopper

Manufactured from Borosilicate Glass and complies with DIN EN ISO 1042 standards. BRAND™ Blaubrand™ Trapezoidal Volumetric Flask with Polypropylene Stopper prevents tipping and provides stability with flat surface. X2 Vol.flask trapez. BLAUBRAND A conf.cert.2ml, Boro 3.3, NS7/16, PP-stopper

BRAND™ Filling Tubes for seripettor™ Bottle Top Dispensers

Polypropylene construction. Supplied in bulk. X2 Filling tube, PP, for seripettor 250mm

BRAND™ PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bars, Cylindrical Shape

Manufactured from PTFE. BRAND™ PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bars, Cylindrical Shape are suitable for universal applications. Rounded, smooth surface provides effective stirring action. X10 Magnetic stirring bar PTFE 12 x4,5mm, cylindrical

BRAND™ Wide Neck LDPE Bottle

Amber LDPE bottle with wide neck Bottle, PE-LD, wide neck, 1000ml, GL65, amber, opaque, screw cap

BRAND™ PCR 8-Strip Caps

Manufactured from polypropylene without lubricants or chemical additives that can contaminate reagents and samples.PCR 8-Strip Caps are autoclavable and RNase-, DNase-, and DNA-free. Domed caps are available in a variety of colors for sample identification. X125 PCR caps strip of 8 PP domed f.PCR-tubes green

Brand™ Blaubrand™ Class A Borosilicate Glass Volumetric Flask with Polypropylene Stopper

Constructed of Borosilicate Glass and complies with DIN EN ISO 1042 standards. BRAND™ Blaubrand™ Class A Borosilicate Glass Volumetric Flask with Polypropylene Stopper is available with narrow neck or wide neck in a variety of sizes. DE-M marking on the neck provides quick and accurate volume check. Polypropylene stopper included. X2 Vol. flask BLAUBRAND class A conf.cert. 200ml,Boro 3.3, NS 14/23, PP-stopper

BRAND™ Polypropylene Scoops

Polypropylene construction. Includes sturdy integrated handle. X12 Scoop, PP, white length 200mm,100ml

BRAND™ Polypropylene Microcentrifuge Tube

Screw cap lid sold separately. X1000 Micro tube, PP, without cap1,5ml round bottom non-sterile ungrad.

BRAND™ HDPE Aspirator Bottle

High density polyethylene construction. With screw cap and plastic carrying handle . Includes polyproylene stopcock with 3/4 in. connection Models Aspirator bottle, PE-HD, narrow 5 l stopcock/screw cap/carrying handle

Brand™ Spare Key for Amber Glass Stopcocks

For use with 25mL glass stopcocks. Spare key, 3NS/12 w.reten.Boro 5.4 amber f. burette cap. 25ml lat. stopcock

BRAND™ Amber USP Measuring Flask

With polypropylene stopper Vol. Flask cl.A USP DE-M amber 20ml, Boro 3.3, NS10/19, PP-stop., w/ind. USP conformity certificate

BRAND™ BRANDplates™ pureGrade™ Strip Plates

Non-treated surface strip plates with maximized recovery and minimized cross-contamination X100 Strip micropl.w.grid 96-well(12 str.xF8) PS trans. 350µl pureGrade MB p.of 100

BRAND™ BRANDplates cellGrade™ plus 96-Well Microplates

Designed for the cultivation of cells in reduced-serum media and fastidious cell lines X5 BRANDplates, 96, cellG.+, PS, white, trans.b

BRAND™ SilberBrand™ Boro 5.4 Pellet Pattern Automatic Burette

Without intermediate stopcock; with glass key in the titration stopcock Aut.bur.SILBERBRAND w/o interm. w.bottle 50ml: 0,1ml amber lat.stopc. PTFE-key

Brand™ Borosilicate Glass Powder Funnel

Manufactured from borosilicate glass. BRAND™ Borosilicate Glass Powder Funnel includes ground and fire-polished upper rim. Short, wide stem is optimal for funneling powder and other ground materials. Powder funnel, Boro 3.3glass, top dia.100mm, bottom dia. 25mm

BRAND™ Low Form Borosilicate Glass Beakers

Borosilicate glass construction. Squat form offers stability low risk of spillage. X10 Beaker, low form, Boro 3.3250ml, with graduation and spout

Brand™ Cover Glasses for Microscope Slides

Manufactued from hydrolytic class 1 pure clear borosilicate glass for excellent chemical resistance. X2000 DECKGLAS,BOROSILIKATGLAS,DICKE NR. 1,18X18MMquadratisch,reinweiß

BRAND™ Polypropylene Test Tube Racks

Constructed of sturdy polypropylene.Polypropylene Test TubeRacks include alphanumeric positions for easy sample identification. Racks are stackable, non-conductive and will not float in water baths. X5 Test tube rack, PP, red265x126x88mm f. 21 tubes to dia. 30mm

Brand™ Spare Key for Intermediate Stopcock 4 NS/19

For use with automatic burettes, pellet pattern. Spare key f. Pellet automatic buretteBoro 5.0,forintermediate stopcock

BRAND™ Water Still Hosecock Clamp

Nickel plated brass for tubes up to 14 mm outer diameter Hosecock clamp, nickel plated brassf. tube up to 14mm out.dia.

BRAND™ Disposable Microcentrifuge Tubes

Clear polypropylene construction with locking lid. x500 Microcentrifuge tube 0.5ml with lid lockingclear

Brand™ Spare Lateral Stopcock with Glass Key

Spare key, 3NS/12 w. retention, Boro 3.3 f. burette cap. 50ml lat. stopcock

BRAND™ BRANDplates cellGrade™ premium 96-Well Microplates

Plates with surface characteristics for the most demanding cell lines X5 BRANDplates, 96, cellG.prem, white, trans.b

Brand™ HDPE Pipet Basket

Manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). BRAND™ HDPE Pipet Basket includes a handle for easy retrieval. Minimizes touching rinse liquid. For use with pipet rinsing systems. Pipette basket, PE-HD, with handle for pipette length 460mm