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"These events are crucial for presenting our products and technologies to customers"

Maria Luisa Morcillo
Activate Science Lead for Spain

Customer feedback

  "I have seen some products that I was looking for … it’s good to know what’s in the market” -  2019


  "We heard about some discounts we can get and we didn’t know that they were available” -  2019


  "It’s a good opportunity for networking and to share opinion in our field” -  2019


  "It gives all all-round view for researchers wanting to see what the developments are in their area” -  2016


  "It’s easier to speak and see, rather than just look in a catalogue or website”
-  2016


  "We can actually see what suppliers have got to offer … we wouldn’t know otherwise … you just go and buy the same stuff that you have all the time. You wouldn’t try anything different.” -  2016


Supplier feedback

  "The Fisher Scientific channel team has been very helpful for all of the events that I have attended. They have done an excellent job” -  2018

  "The rooms for the events have always been well presented. Tables, power connections and tablecloths have always been provided” -  2018


  "Always well organised, with a clear understanding of who does what and when”
-  2017


  "The help received from the Fisher Scientific channel team was very good indeed” -  2017


  "The events are well done and well prepared” -  2016


  "Please keep the opportunity to give presentations” -  2016


  "We will be committing to a programme across Europe for 2016” -  2015


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