Chromatography Instruments

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) ÄKTA™ Pilot Column Tubing Kit

Sanitarily designed to prevent leakage. Cytiva ÄKTA™ Pilot Column Tubing Kit includes 5/16 in. connectors, gaskets, O-rings, and S8 tubing for use in the column valve of the ÄKTA™ Pilot chromatography system.

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) Sample Loop Kit

Set of 5 loops for loading/injecting samples onto a chromatography column. Cytiva Sample Loop Kit is a set of small PTFE loops (25, 50, 100, 200, 500μL capacities) for use with autosampler/injections valves (e.g. Valve V-7) and ÄKTA™ Chromatography Systems.

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) Inlet filter holder kit

Use as filter holder for buffer inlet tubes.   Cytiva Lifescience™ Inlet filter holder kit is an important chromatography accessory.

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) Sample loops

Fitted FEP tubing sample loops. Cytiva Sample loops supplied with ferrules and unions. 

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ OnGuard™ II Ag Cartridges, 2.5mL

Remove chloride, bromide, and iodide from sample matrices off-line to improve IC performance and facilitate trace analyses. Pretreat up to 12 samples in parallel.

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) ÄKTA™ High Flow Kit

Higher flow rates at lower back pressure. Cytiva ÄKTA™ High Flow Kit contains the necessary components and software to reduce backpressure in the system, thereby allowing higher flow rates.

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) Cassette for Fraction Collector

For use in the ÄKTA avant built-in fraction collector or with the Fraction Collector F9-C for the ÄKTA pure. Cytiva™ Cassette for Fraction Collector holds up to 24 x 8mL tubes.

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Cytochrome C Digest

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex Cytochrome C Digest is lyophilized.

Spectrum Labs™ CF-2 Fraction Collector

Very durable, general-purpose fraction collector featuring a rugged drive and case. Spectrum Labs™ CF-2 Fraction Collector is sold complete and ready to use.

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Zero Dead Volume Fitting

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex Zero Dead Volume Fittings are for older generation nano and capillary LC systems. For dead volume free connections, consider switching to new nanoViper™ connection technology.

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) UV Module

For use in protein purification applications

Thermo Scientific™ pH Gradient Buffers

Robust reproducible gradients that are applicable to a wide range of MAbs and ready to use with existing LC columns and systems, without the need to formulate mobile phases.

Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™ Replacement Rotor Seals for Injectors

Maintain performance of your Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™ Sample Injectors for HPLC with these replacement rotor seals.

Thermo Scientific™ SRS Pro Solvent Recycling System

Reduce mobile phase consumption by up to 90%

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) Adapter for XK Columns

Movable adapter gives a uniform flow that maintains the integrity of the packed bed during HPLC operations. Cytiva Adapter for XK Columns is an assembled unit consisting of a top-end cap, a plunger and an adjusting knob. Available for 16, 26 and 50mm diameter XK columns.

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) Hg Lamp and Housing

Used as accessory for UV monitoring in chromatagraphic systems. Cytiva Hg Lamp and Housing includes lamp and aperture.

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) AKTA Start Chromatography System

AKTA start is an easy-to-use chromatography system that automates manual purification procedures using for example HiTrap columns.

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) Accessory Box

For use in protein purification applications

S.C.A.T™ Air Valve for SCAT Safety Caps

The S.C.A.T™ air valve combines valve and filter functions all in one. It blocks harmful vapors and avoids under pressure in your solvent reservoirs. The valve membrane additionally protects your eluents from contamination. The valve is compatible with every generation of SCAT SafetyCaps

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) Inlet Filter Kit

Filters for buffer inlets as used with Inlet filter holder kit. Cytiva Inlet Filter Kit is a set of 5 polypropylene filters with 5 support screens.

Hamilton™ VALVE, HV, 3-2-Y, PSD/4

Mechanically tough, Y-shaped valve suitable for a PSD/4 compact syringe pump.. Hamilton™ VALVE, HV, 3-2-Y, PSD/4 is chemically and thermally resistant.