Crystallization Microplates

Corning™ AxyGem™ Crystallography Plate

Corning™ AxyGem™ Crystallography Plate

With 96 buffer wells and an adjacent protein well

AxyGem Plate is an SBS standard 96-well sitting-drop, high-throughput protein crystallization plate with 96 buffer wells (maximum volume of 250μL) and one adjacent protein well (maximum volume of 4.3μL)

Corning™ 96-Well Next Generation Crystal<i>EX</i> Protein Crystallization Microplates

Corning™ 96-Well Next Generation CrystalEX Protein Crystallization Microplates

Optimized for high-throughput sitting-drop protein crystallization

Corning™ Crystal<i>EX</i>384-Well Flat Bottom Protein Crystallization Microplate

Corning™ CrystalEX384-Well Flat Bottom Protein Crystallization Microplate

The only microplate designed for full automation in crystal screening