Facility Maintenance and Safety

Brady™ Black 4900 Series Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon

Ribbon for Brady Printer BBP11 and BBP12 BOX OF RIBBON R-4900 85MMX70M /O

Thermo Scientific™ Manual Crimpers, Decrimpers and Decrimping Pliers

Achieve secure, repeatable crimps or remove seals with minimized risk of damage. DECAPPER 32MM

Brady™ Photoluminescent Floor Marking Arrow


Brady™ AC Adaptors


Kimberly-Clark™ WYPALL™ L30 ULTRA Wipes

3-ply single use wipe manufactured from AIRFLEX™ fabric technology. Kimberly-Clark™ WYPALL™ L30 ULTRA Wipes are stronger than conventional 3-ply wipes. WYPALL* L30 Ultra Wiper Large Roll 3ply White

Brady™ Safety Lockout

Machinery stays locked until every individual working on the repairs or inspection is finished. X12 LOCKOUT HASP 38mm RED

Brady™ Laminated Polyester: ISO Safety Sign - No stepping on surface

Sign compliant to ISO 7010. X2 ISO Safety Sign - No stepping on surface

Brady™ Laminated Polyester Label Markers


Brady™ Laminated Polyester Transport Signs


Metro™ Super Erecta™ Chrome Wire Shelf, Brite Finish

Design your storage to suit your lab's needs. Metro Super Erecta Chrome Wire Shelf in Brite finish is easily adjustable, offering multiple storage configurations when used with Metro Super Erecta shelving systems. Sprercta Britewireshelving 42X24 - 2442BR

Brady™ TLS2200™ Portable Printer Accessories

TLS2200™ Portable Printer Accessories are for use with Brady TLS2200 Portable Printer (mfr. no. 19150079, sold separately). BATTERY PACK, 1 LABEL/CASSETTE, MA: Y407976

Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH™ Process Wipers

Designed for specific tasks in controlled areas. Kimberly Clark™ KIMTECH™ Process Wipers are ideal for repeated, lint-free cleaning. WIPE KIMTECH 7643 PROCESS WIPE, LARGE ROLL, 1-PLY500 sheets per roll blue 380mm x 340mm

Brady™ ToughStripe™ Floor Marking Tape

ToughStripe™ Floor Marking Tape (3.5m/100 ft. in length) is a long-lasting, heavy-duty solution for marking floors, aisles, work cells and other designated areas. ROLL OF BLK./YLW FLOOR TAPE 101,6 MM X 30 M

Pinnacle Brush™ Bunsen Burner Nozzle Brass Wire Brush

Used with bunsen burner. Pinnacle Brush™ Bunsen Burner Nozzle Brass Wire Brush features a brass brush. X5 BRUSH,BUNSEN BURNER NOZZLE 11MM DIA. 230MMLENGTH 50MM BRUSH HEAD,BRASS WIRE (PACK OF 5)

Sampling Systems™ Ultra Adhesive (UA) Quality Control Labels 95 x 95mm

Specially constructed high quality labels with an ultra adhesive foil backing. Sampling Systems™ Ultra Adhesive (UA) Quality Control Labels 95 x 95mm are ideal for use on sacks, drums, kegs, boxes, bags, and more. X500 Yellow Quality Control Labels UA in roll

Superfos™ SuperFlex™ Polypropylene Bucket

May be used for paint applications, building materials or for food (hot or cold filling). Superfos™ SuperFlex™ Polypropylene Bucket is a great, liquid tight option for a broad range of products. Bucket SuperFlex 21.7 Ltr, steel handle with plastic roller grip, 295mm diameter, tamper evident wit

Brady™ Polypropylene Extra Cleats for 480/600V Lockout

Cleats easily clip onto the bottom of clamp-on breaker lockout devices. PACK OF X6 CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCKOUT FOR ELECTRICAL

Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Notebooks

Ideal for recording research data, experimental procedures, and design ideas. Use these notebooks to keep information safe and well organized. X6 Laboratory Notebook, Grid, 200 Pages, blue

Metro™ Lab Worktable Accessory, Backsplash

Match length and color with selected countertop Backsplsh Metro Bl Resn - LT30BSB

Brady™ ES Type 11 Tag Out

PACK OF X10 ES-TYPE 11-145*85

Metro™ MetroMax i™ Solid Polymer Shelf

Customize your lab as you see fit. As part of the MetroMax i system, MetroMax i Solid Polymer Shelves allow you to create your own made-to-order shelving system. Metromax I Shelf 24X60 - MX2460F

Sampling Systems™ Quality Control PharmaLabels

Medium strength adhesion paper labels with a special FDA acceptable adhesive. Sampling Systems™ Quality Control PharmaLabels are ideal for applications where the adhesive might come into contact with the product. X500 White Quality Control Labels PHARMA in roll

Brady™ Vinyl Tapes (B-595) for BMP71 Printer - Black

Indoor/Outdoor vinyl grade conforms to irregular, smooth or rough surfaces BOX OF RIBBON VIN BLACK 50,8 MM X 15,24 M M71C-2000-595-BK

Brady™ Vinyl Coated Metal Cable

Vinyl Coated Metal Cable for APCLO (3.65 m)

Brady™ B-427 Self Laminating Vinyl Bulk BMP71 Printer Labels

White/translucent label for wire and cable marking BOX OF X1000 LABEL BM71-21-427

Brady™ ISO 7010 Sign - Wear head protection

Prevent costly accidents with ISO 7010 safety signs for optimal impact and recognizability. ISO 7010 Sign - Wear head protection

Brady™ Rugged Reinforced Nylon Safety Padlocks

Brady™ Standard Safety Padlocks with Steel Shackle are the ultimate locks for all safety and security needs, and are precision-machined for better tamper resistance. BOX OF X6 PADLOCK SAFETY REINFORCED NYLON WITH