Laboratory Refrigerators

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series High-Performance Lab Refrigerators

Innovative refrigeration solutions for healthcare and research needs TSX refrigerator 1297 L SLIDING DOOR 230v/50hz

Thermo Scientific™ GPS Series Lab Refrigerators

Protect routine samples with these lab refrigerators, designed for general-purpose lab storage. Capacities ranging from space-saving 265 liters to spacious 1,048 liters. FRIDGE GPS 400L +1/+12°C GLASS

Liebherr™ MediLine Lab Refrigerator with Comfort Electronic Controller

Designed for optimal cooling of samples. Liebherr™ MediLine Lab Refrigerator with Comfort Electronic Controller provides efficient, consistent cooling and features integrated alarm and monitoring systems. Available in two sizes with easy viewing glass door or solid door for more efficient cooling in warmer climates. REFRIGERATOR LIEBHERR LKUV1610 LAB, UNDERBENCH,142L forced air, digital control, door alarm and

Bibby Scientific™ Techne™ N°ICE Electronic Ice Bucket

Chill or incubate any number or size of tubes for long periods of time with this sample cooler. Techne™ N°ICE Electronic Ice Bucket Features ceramic-coated beads maintain the temperature and support the sample vessels for as long as necessary. COOLER 0-40°C

Thermo Scientific™ ES Series Lab Refrigerators

Save valuable space with Thermo Scientific™ ES Series Lab Refrigerators, designed for general-purpose lab storage. LAB FRIDGE ES 151L +1/+12°C

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series High-Performance Undercounter Lab Refrigerators

For a better environment inside and out - Introducing our new undercounter lab refrigerator. TSX Series 5.5cf (156L) under-counter refrigerator with solid door 2 °C - 8 °C

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series High-Performance Pharmacy Refrigerators

The quiet, sustainable choice for medical and pharmacy-grade refrigeration TSX refrigerator PHARM 1447L 230v/50hz

Thermo Scientific™ TSG Series Undercounter Refrigerators

Innovative refrigeration solutions for healthcare and research needs

TSG Undercounter refrigerator 156L glass door, EU plug

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series High-Performance Blood Bank Refrigerators

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series high-performance blood bank refrigerators offer a sustainable choice for whole blood and blood components refrigeration. Blood bank refrigerator TSX series High-Performance 650L, 2 to 8°C, glass door

Julabo™ Refrigerators for Chemicals

Julabo™ Refrigerators for Chemicals is used for storing and cooling of chemicals and hazardous substances. Refrigerator, for chemicals KRC50

Liebherr™ MediLine Laboratory Refrigerator with Profi Electronic Controller

A range of purpose built laboratory refrigerators - single and double door, solid and glass door. REFRIGERATOR LIEBHERR LKPV6520 LABORATORY, HEAVYduty, 601L, solid door forced air, with alarm,