Cole Parmer™ Tee connecting union for B/T 90 KYNAR (PVDF) 19.0mm hose barb fitting Masterflex

X5 TEE CONNECTING UNION FOR B/T 90 KYNAR (PVDF)19.0mm hose barb fitting (pack of 5)

Welch™ DirecTorr™ Gold Synthetic Pump Oil

Designed for excellent resistance when pumping corrosive gases or vapors Welch Gold vacuum pump oil, 1 (US) gallon

Fisherbrand™ Apiezon Grease

Lubricate pumps with this grease. Fisherbrand™ Apiezon Grease is designed for use with Fisherbrand™ rotary vane pumps. 50 GR Apiezon grease for general use in rotaryvane pumps 50g AP101

Welch™ Aluminum Air Admittance Valve

Air Admittance Valve DN 16/5, Manually operated,aluminium, DN 16 KF

Cole Parmer™ NPT Male Threaded Adapters, PVDF

Combine these simple, economical PVDF male threaded adaptors with flexible tubing for use in your low-pressure applications (generally less than 30 psi). NPT Male Threaded Adapters slide into soft tubing. Tubing elasticity holds the tubing onto the fitting for low-pressure installations. X5 ADAPTER PVDF 1'MNPT X 25,4MM

Welch Ilmvac™ LVS301Z Netvac1 Chemical Duty Vacuum Pump

LVS301Z netvac1 chemical duty vacuum pump,oil free, with inlet trap and exhust condenser

Vacuum Aspiration Advantage System Accessory, Single-channel Adapter

Designed for use with Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Aspiration Advantage Systems. Single channel plastic adapter for disposal tips with ejector

Fisherbrand™ Silicone Pump Tubing

For use in field of medicine. 15M Tubing fisherbrand peristaltic pump silicone 4.8mm bore, 1.6mm wall

Welch™ Vacuum Pump On/Off Foot Switch

Vacuum pump accessory that provides hands-free operation of Welch DryFast diaphragm and WOB-L piston pumps. Foot switch for Welch pumps

Welch™ Compact Aspiration/Filtration Vacuum Stations: Pipette, Receiver Kit and Filter

Accumulate waste liquids safe and easily. Aspiration systems prevent ingestion of fluids leading to vacuum pump failure. Replacement aspirator receiver kitcapacity

Masterflex™ Coupling for B/T 86 tubing I.D. 3/8inch Masterflex

Coupling for B/T 86 tubing I.D. 3/8inchMasterflex, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Welch™ MPC 301 Zp, ATEX Cat.2 Diaphragm Pump

Designed for use as a backing pump for rotary evaporators, vacuum ovens or gel dryer. Welch Ilmvac™ MPC 301 Zp Diaphragm Pumps are ideal for vacuum filtration, vacuum concentrating, distillation and desiccation. PUMP VACUUM 8MBAR EXPLOSION PROOF ATEX 95 II 2GC IIB T4X approved 400V 50Hz 240mm x 300mm x

Welch™ Aluminum KF Outer Centering Ring


Welch Ilmvac™ Rubber Vacuum Hose

Vakuumschlauch, Gummi rot, 18/ 8 x 5 mm

Fisherbrand™ Variable-Flow Peristaltic Pumps

Provide fine resolution with a wide flow range used with food, pharmaceuticals and other critical solutions with this pump. Fisherbrand™ Variable-Flow Peristaltic Pumps offer outstanding flow control and flexibility for transferring and dosing liquids. MINI PUMP KZ3386FF PERISTALTIC VARIABLE FLOW220-240V 50-60HZ 170MM X 121MM X 114MM 0.4 TO

Cole Parmer™ Syringe Pump

Syringe pump infusion/withdrawal dual syringe10?L to 140mL 230V 50/60Hz 230mm(w) x 230mm(d) x

Fisherbrand™ FH10, FH15 and FH30 Peristaltic Tubing Pump

Enhanced and versatile performance in an ultra-compact, low-maintenance design. Fisherbrand™ FH10, FH15 and FH30 Peristaltic Tubing Pump provided complete with pump, motor, and control in a stackable steel housing. CTP300 peristaltic dual channel pump, 100RPM

Welch™ P 8 E Rotary Vacuum Pump

Rotary vane pumps, single stage P8E7.2 / 8,6m3 /h

Welch™ univac Diaphragm Pump System

Easy to service structure. Welch™ univac Diaphragm Pump System is developed particularly for vacuum networks. univac Membrane-Pump-Stand, MPKC 2403T,400V50/60 Hz

Masterflex™ Coupling I.D. 3/4inch Masterflex

Coupling I.D. 3/4inch Masterflex, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Welch™ Aluminum KF Inner Centering with Viton O-ring

Designed for use with CRVpro Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps. Welch Ilmvac™ Aluminum KF Inner Centering Rings feature a replaceable Fluoroelastomer O-ring seal. CENTERING RING AL/VITON NW25DN 25

Welch Ilmvac™ Dry Pump Service Kit


Welch™ CHEMSTAR™ Dry Vacuum Pump System

Integrated multistage pumping mechanism. Welch™ CHEMSTAR™ Dry Vacuum Pump System is software driven and fully chemical resistant. Chemstar vacuum pump

Welch™ Aluminum KF Inner Centering with Buna N O-ring


Welch™ Compact Aspiration/Filtration Vacuum Stations: Aspiration/Pressure Transfer Station Model 2511 Series

Accumulate waste liquids safe and easily. Aspiration systems prevent ingestion of fluids leading to vacuum pump failure. VACUUM PISTON PUMP 9.2L/MIN 290MBAR

Masterflex™ Pump head 0.002 to 156mL/min flow rate 6 rollers Masterflex

Pump head 0.002 to 156mL/min flow rate 6 rollersMasterflex, 1/Cs, MA: TBD