Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 180 Clear Plastic PVC Tubing

Perform a range of non-medical applications with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 180 Clear Plastic PVC Tubing, which resists hardening and discoloration. 15M TUBING PVC 2,4X4MM

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tygon R3607 Tubing

Formulated for resistance to flex fatigue and abrasion and is less permeable than rubber tubing. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tygon R3607 Tubing handles virtually all inorganic chemicals found in the lab. X12 TYGON E3603 TUBG 3 STOP 3,17M

Saint-Gobain™ Tygon™ ND 100-65 Medical Tubings

For blood contact medical devices where non-DEHP plasticized materials are required TUBING MEDICAL AND SURGICAL FLEXIBLE NONtoxic non pyrogenic autoclavable clear compatible

Fisherbrand™ Silicone Tubes

For consistently reliable and accurate fluid transfers. 10M Tubing silicone rubber 3.0 0.75mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ HDPE Quick Disconnects

Create rapid, smooth connections between two fluid transfer paths with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Quick Disconnects. QUICK DISCONNECT HDPE,B

Cole Parmer™ Metric PTFE Tubing


Saint-Gobain™ Plastic Sanitary Couplings


Cole Parmer™ Tygon Ultra Soft Tubing

Use this translucent tubing for applications requiring maximum drapeability and kink resistance. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tygon Ultra Soft Tubing resists twisting and collapse, even in complex laboratory set-ups. 15M TUBING E1000 NON-DEHP, FOR PERISTALTIC PUMPS,flexible forperistaltic pumps polyethyleneduromete

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 65 Braided Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing

Use this durable silicone tubing for a variety of pump and transfer applications, including pharmaceutical, laboratory, bioprocess manufacturing and food and beverage applications.  7.6M TUBING PLAT/SILICONE 1/4

Thermo Scientific™ 316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC

Use cleaned, polished, passivated and ready-to-use Thermo Scientific™ 316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC. Flexible Kapillare 1/32'OD x 0.007'ID

Thermo Scientific™ PEEK Capillary Tubing

Use these sample loops for your Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™ HPLC sample injectors.  PEEK CAPIL TUB 1/16 X 0.005 10CM

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tubing 3350

Tubing 3350 sensitive applications sanitary ultrasmooth bore to inihibit bacterial growth silicone

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ PTFE Tube

Use this tubing for demanding lab, chemical, electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical and automotive applications. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ PTFE Tubing withstands extreme temperatures, ideal for high-purity work. 50M PTFE TUBING 5X7MM

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tubing 3350 sanitary silicone 200°C max temperature 1mm x 1mm Tygon

Tubing 3350 sanitary silicone 200°C maxtemperature 1mm x 1mm Tygon, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Saint-Gobain™ Tygon S3™ Beverage Tubing, Formula B-44-3

15M Tubing Tygon S3 B-44-3 Beverage, non-DEHP,3/8' ID x 1/2' OD

Thermo Scientific™ Pre-cut PEEK Tubing in a 5-foot Coil

Thermo Scientific™ Pre-cut PEEK Tubing in a 5-foot Coil is easily cut to the desired length. TUBING PEEK 0.010 INCH O.D. 5foot length

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Tubing Y-Type Connectors

Maximize liquid flow with non-tapered hose barbed Y-Type Connectors, molded of polypropylene resin, free of animal derived components. X12 TUBING CONNECTORS Y-TYPE PP 4.8MM O.D. AUTOCLAVABLE (PACK OF 12)

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Clear Tygon™ S3 R-3603 Tubing

Tygon R-3603 Tubing (AAC1S1517) ID 3mm x OD 5mm

Saint-Gobain™ Chemfluor™ Fluoropolymer Tubing

Ideal for semiconductor processing, biotechnology and pharmaceutical transfer, environmental sample preparation, chromatography, Type I Water, cryogenic, and hazardous chemicals 15M TUBE PTFE 1/16 X 1/8

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 180 Clear Plastic PVC Vacuum Tubing

Make practical and efficient use of this Nalgene 180 vacuum tubing, thick-walled PVC which can withstand a full vacuum (80mm Hg) at room temperature. 15M TUBING,PVC CLEAR,VACUUM BORE X WALL 9.5 X