Turbidity Meters

Thermo Scientific™ Eutech TN-100 Turbidimeter Calibration Kit

Simple, display-prompted push-button calibration CALIBRATION KIT EUTECH (0.02, 20.0, 100, 800 NTU)for TN100

Thermo Scientific™ Eutech TN-100 Handheld Infrared Turbidity Meter Kit

Waterproof, portable, infrared Turbidity meter wtih extended range up to 2000 NTU, 0.01 resolution Waterproof Turbidity meter TN-100, 0 to 1000 NTUNTU, Kunststoff-Koffer

Lovibond™ Infrared Lab Turbidimeter

Designed for quick and easy turbidity measurement in the laboratory Turbidirect Lovibond Trübungsmessgerät im Koffer

WTW™ Turb™ Series 430 Portable Turbidity Meters

With an accuracy of 0.01 NTU or ±2% of the measured value; these portable turbidity meters are ideal for all applications including drinking water testing, environmental monitoring, laboratory reference measurements and process control. TURBIDITYMETER TURB 430 IR0-1100 NTU/FNU

Lovibond™ Infrared Lab Turbidimeter Sample Cells

Replacement sample cells for the Lovibond Infrared Lab Turbidimeter X12 Lovibond Sample Cells, TB300-IR

Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ McFarland Equivalence Turbidity Standards

Thermo Scientific™ Remel McFarland Equivalence Turbidity Standard is packaged in plastic case with a visual comparison card. MC FARLAND 3 (TUBE 103 MM)

WTW™ Turbidimeter Cuvette


WTW™ Turb™ Flow-Through Assembly


Non Ratio Turbidity Standard, Reagecon™

Use turbidity standards for precise measurements with nephelometeric instruments. Non Ratio Turbidity Standards, Reagecon™ are composed of suspended polymer microspheres to eliminate the problems with Formazin standards. They are NIST traceable, US EPA approved and certified accurate to ±1%. 100ML CERT TURB STANDAR 4000 NTU

WTW™ IR Lamps


Grant Instruments™ Grant Bio™ Densitometer

Measures turbidity of cell suspensions in a variety of life science applications. Grant Instruments™ Densitometer is designed and factory calibrated to measure turbidity in the range of 0.5 to 4.0 McFarland units (DEN-1) 0.0 to >7.5 McFarland units (DEN-1B) with a small standard deviation. DENSITOMETER GRANT BIO DEN-1 TUBE 230V 50-60HZ75mm (h) x 115mm (d) x 165mm (w) 0.3 to 5.0 McF

Cole-Parmer™ Masterflex™ Turbidity Standards 10.0 NTU


WTW™ Turb™ Calibration Kits

Get optimum calibration results for your turbidimeters with the Turb™ calibration kits. STD SET 0,02/10/1000 NTU

Velp Scientifica™ TB1 Turbidimeter

Velp Scientifica™ TB1 Turbidimeter that measures the turbidity of aqueous samples simply and accurately. TB1 TURBIDIMETER

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast™ II Chemistries Test Kits

Use Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast Tablet Reagents to perform colorimetric measurements of common water parameters with convenient, rapidly dissolving tablets X100 AQUAFAST II SULFATE TAB.

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast™ Reaction/Digestion Tubes and Liquid Reagents

Perform colorimetric testing including fluoride, COD, total nitrogen and total phosphate using the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast Liquid Reagents, Digestion and Reaction Tubes. X25 AQUAFAST COD TKIT 0-15000PPM

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast™ IV Chemistry Reagents

Use Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast Auto-Test Ampoule Reagents with the Orion™ AQUAfast AQ4000 colorimeter to simplify sample preparation and testing with Auto-ID bar-coding X30 AQUAFAST IV NITRITE AUTOTEST

Lovibond™ Turbidity Check Infra Red

Turbicheck Photometer, Trübung, Lovibond im Koffer

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast™ AQ4500 Turbidity Meter Accessories

Ensure your turbidity meter has the accessories it needs, including turbidity vials, primary turbidity standards, Formazin turbidity standards, and more. X12 AQUAFASTII 24MM TURBIDITY VIA

Lovibond™ ET 740 and ET 750 - Laboratory Floc / Jar Tester

Flocculation Testers (also known as Jar Testers) are designed for a range of applications - such as testing the efficiency of flocculation or precipitation agents Portable flocculation tester ET 740 with

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast AQ3010 Turbidity Meter

Generate an accurate turbidity reading quickly with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast AQ3010 Turbidity Meter AQUAFAST III ORION TURBIDIMETER,

Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ Colorimeter Standard Set, Vitek™

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Colorimeter Standard Kit contains latex equivalence turbidity standards for use with Vitek colorimeter. Vitek Colorimeter Standard Set

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQ4500 Turbidimeter

Utilize dual LED light sources and drinking water / wastewater methods approved for U.S. EPA regulatory reporting offered by the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQ4500 Turbidity Meter RS232 CABLE

Cole-Parmer™ Hach™ 2100Q Handheld Turbidity Meter

Designed with a unique optical system that compensates for potential interferences, this turbidity meter is ideal for field or lab use. Cole-Parmer™ Hach™ Handheld Turbidity Meter features an easy-to-follow interface with on-screen prompts simplifies calibration and verification. TURBIDITY METER 2100Q

Lovibond™ ET 730 Portable Floc Tester

Flocculation Testers (also known as Jar Testers) are designed for a range of applications - such as testing the efficiency of flocculation or precipitation agents Portable flocculation tester ET 730 with

Cole-Parmer™ Turbidity Controller


Oakton™ Measurement Accessories for T100 Turbidity meter

Replacement items for Oakton T100 Turbidity meter X3 CUVETTE FOR COLORIMETER

Hanna Instruments™ Portable Logging Turbidity Meter

High accuracy benchtop turbidity meter. Hanna Instruments™ Portable Logging Turbidity Meter measures water and wastewater turbidity with high precision in the field and in the laboratory. TURBIDITYMETER 0-1000 NTUTRUEBUNGSMESS- GERAET HI 93703 C

Hanna Instruments™ USB Connector


Hanna Instruments™ ISO Compliant Portable Turbidity Meters

High accuracy benchtop turbidity meter used to determine the turbidity of water and wastewater with high precision in the field as well as in the laboratory. PORTABLE TURBIDIMETER-1000 FTU)