Resealable Bags

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Stand-Up Sample Bags

Stand-Up Bags make it very easy to add material to the bag and to remove sample for testing or analysis. The flat bottom ensures stability and the wire tabs hold the top open for easy access.

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Standard Sample Bags

Features puncture proof tabs for protection from damage due to wire-end protrusion. Nasco™ Whirl-Pak™ Easy-To-Close Bags are ideal for sampling and product analysis.

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Write-On Homogenizer Blender Filter Bags

Filter solids out of a sample when using a homogenizer blender. Whirl-Pak™ Sterile Filter Bags for Lab Blenders contain a finely perforated middle layer to filter solids. They feature puncture proof tabs that help form a leak free closure.