Thermo Scientific Virtuoso Vial Identification System


Get customizable sample data printed DIRECTLY onto Thermo Scientific™ vials, ensuring sample identity. Virtuoso™ works within fully automated workflows or as an on-demand stand-alone system.

With advanced labeling capabilities, the Thermo Scientific™ Virtuoso™ Vial Identification system ensures accurate vial identification and reliable data, and increases laboratory productivity. Use the system’s touch screen and network capabilities to transfer text and , barcodes directly onto your vials. 

Key Features

  • Removes manual labeling, nearly eliminating labeling errors
  • Improves data accuracy by providing reliable identification
  • User-defined, customizable templates provides more detail
  • System frees resources for revenue generating activities
  • Traceable printing direct from Chromeleon CDS

Virtuoso enables you to record the information your laboratory needs directly onto the vial. Not sure how to format your vial label? Virtuoso comes loaded with templates that include standard information and with the ability to create user-defined custom templates that you can create to fit your needs. Virtuoso takes vial identification from a necessary chore into an added value component of your laboratory workflow.



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