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Cell and gene technologies have impacted the scientific world in numerous ways. They have helped build solutions for numerous incurable diseases in the fields of oncology, immunology and haematology, and offer tools to develop specialised or personalised treatments for millions of people and hundreds of bodily disorders.

The Fisher Scientific channel can support your research and the further development of cell and gene technologies, as well as the production of treatment alternatives. Here you will find proposals for both cell culture examinations and genomic investigations, as well as offers for both of these application areas to cover the tremendous demand for resources throughout the whole scientific process until creation of the therapies. With the Fisher Scientific channel you can identify and combine items including isolation kits, media and supplementary reagents, and plasticware and glassware, as well as incubators and centrifuges. Make use of all these resources and create the future of medical treatment!

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Next-generation Cleanroom Confidence

Next-Generation Cleanroom Confidence

Discover our first-to-market, third party certified cleanroom compatible CO2 incubator - the Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ Vios 250i CR.

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Invitrogen™ Countess™ 3 FL Automated Cell Counter

Automated Cell Counting

The Invitrogen™ Countess™ 3 FL - a counter that thinks like a cell biologist.

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Corning HYPERStack

Efficient and Scalable Cell Culturing

Utilisation of proprietary gas-permeable film technology allows the Corning™ HYPERstack™ cell culturing vessel to be the most efficient, scalable vessel for adherent cell culture available today.

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