What You Need to Know About Recyclability

What makes an item recyclable versus non-recyclable?

Almost everything is technically recyclable, and whether something is recycled is not always just a matter of material. However, an item is considered non-recyclable in the public recycling system if it cannot be sold at a profit in the end market for secondary plastics after the cost of collecting, transporting and processing. Glass, paper, aluminium and some plastics are forefront of the mind as being typically recyclable.

Most of today’s disposable single-use plastics, such as the ones we see in the lab, are too complex or low value for the market. TerraCycle makes every effort to #RecycleEverything – including disposable gloves and disposable garments – that would otherwise end up being landfilled or incinerated.

Your Personal Protective Equipment is now recyclable through TerraCycle’s ZERO WASTE BOX™ program

Ansell customers can recycle Ansell Personal Protective Equipment using the Zero Waste Box, a first-of-its-kind comprehensive recycling solution developed by TerraCycle, the award-winning sustainability solutions company “recycling the non-recyclable.” As a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment serving the industrial, medical and scientific fields, Ansell is dedicated to offering customers the opportunity to provide recyclability for its product lines and improve sustainability across the industry with the Zero Waste Box program.

Almost everything is technically recyclable, and whether something is recycled is not always just a matter of material.

Why use zero wastes boxes?

Almost everything is technically recyclable, and labs and research facilities can lead the way by using Zero Waste Boxes. A Zero Waste Box is a fully customisable, turnkey platform that can be used by anyone to recycle hundreds of items, including those commonly generated in lab and research settings, such as:

Items that can be recycled

5 steps to zero waste

With hundreds of Zero Waste Box products custom-built for the items you would like to recycle, there is a Zero Waste Box solution to fit your needs. Here’s how it works:

Five steps to zero waste

The ZeroWaste box from TerraCycle is available through Fisher Scientific in UK today and will be made available in other countries in a step by step rollout. If you are interested in knowing more about that program and when it’ll be available to you, please leave us your e-mail here and we will keep you informed of our progresses. If you are located in UK, please visit our ZeroWaste box offering here.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Q1. What is Ansell’s relationship with TerraCycle?

    Ansell does not have any contractual relationship or partnership with TerraCycle. Ansell is simply providing information about TerraCycle and its products and services for information purposes, and on a referral basis only.

    Q2. How does the order process work?

    All orders and inquiries are run directly through TerraCycle. Please visit the TerraCycle website for further information.

    Q3. What types of gloves can be recycled?

    A range of glove materials including vinyl, nitrile and latex can be recycled. Please visit the TerraCycle website and select ZERO WASTE BOXES from the menu for full details.

    Q4. What are the terms and conditions?

    Please visit the TerraCycle website for full details.


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