Why Measure Temperature Performance in Life Science Refrigerators?

Laboratory refrigerators are a ubiquitous part of the life science industry, whether it is a graduate student studying environmental pollutants, a pharmaceutical company developing the next generation of life saving treatments, or a blood bank storing critical blood supplies to support hospitals, clinics, and blood centers.

These critical pieces of equipment are often overlooked and expected to ‘just work’, but what does ‘just work’ mean and how do we quantify lab refrigerator’s performance and ensure that the equipment is maintaining temperature to ensure protection of its cargo?

Peak variation is one of the most important and yet straightforward metrics for understanding unit performance and the Thermo Scientific TSX and TSG Series refrigerators provide industry leading performance in this critical category.

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides robust data to support researchers in making informed decisions about the cold storage for their lab, and results are proven out through third party testing.


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