How Fisher Scientific Supports Production: Plan, Prepare, Protect

Working in highly regulated industries, such as biotech, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, diagnostics and testing, can be a challenge. Information and adherence to strict guidelines are crucial and the more you know about your products and the risks involved, the more confidence you have at every stage of your workflow. That’s why we’ve developed our SureTRACE and SureTRACE+ Programs.

What to Expect with the SureTRACE Program

SureTRACE is an automated self-serve solution for a specific range of standard catalogue products ordered through the Fisher Scientific website. SureTRACE products are easy to identify on our website as they feature the SureTRACE icon. Products featuring this icon will provide you with guaranteed access to associated certificates, advance notifications of any changes impacting quality or supply and minimal lots per delivery — all at no additional cost. Visit for further information.

SureTRACE+: An Enhanced Service

SureTRACE+ is like our SureTRACE Program in that it provides full traceability through lot visibility, guaranteed access to associated certificates and a supplier commitment to notify you of changes impacting quality and supply.

However, as the name suggests, SureTRACE+ provides you with the next level of service. It additionally includes solutions to strengthen security of supply and is focused on a customised selection of standard catalogue products. It’s a value-added service completely tailored to your needs and expertly managed by our dedicated Production Solutions team. Visit for further information.

Helping You Plan, Prepare, and Protect

Alongside our SureTRACE and SureTRACE+ Programs, we also help you fortify your operations through our Quality Management System and our European warehouse and distribution centres.

Quality Management System

Rely on our Quality Assurance team to ensure our products and services are consistently meeting your specifications and requirements. All Fisher Scientific sites adhere to quality policies supported by our Quality Management System and aligned with ISO standards.

Learn More About Quality Management

Warehousing and Distribution Capabilities

For every step in your journey, from discovery to production, our purpose built European warehouse and distribution network is key. It is designed around the safe handling, storage and transportation of products helping us to deliver the tailored logistic solutions, state-of-the-art inventory management strategies and on-site operational support you need.

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