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Lonza™ SingleQuots™ Endothelial Cell Growth Medium-2MV

Developed for the enhanced growth of lung microvascular cells. Lonza™ SingleQuots™ Endothelial Cell Growth Medium-2MV features a special formulation that is optimized to grow human coronary and iliac artery endothelial cells. Guaranteed to perform when used with Clonetics™ primary cells.

Brand:  Lonza™ CC-4147

Additional Details : Weight : 0.07400kg Transport : UN number : 1170 Chem class : 3 Pack group : II

Product Code. 11645500

  • 4562.66 SEK / Each
Estimated Shipment: 16-02-2022

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Choose this endothelial cell growth media for an easy cultivation of primary endothelial cells. The SingleQuots™ EGM&trade-2MV kit is supplied with growth factors, cytokines and supplements, and does not include the basal medium.

  • For coronary and iliac artery, human microvascular endothelial cells
  • Contains 5% FBS and VEGF for rapid proliferation
  • Does not contain Bovine Brain Extract (BBE)
  • Final serum concentration is increased to 5%

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Cultivation of coronary and iliac artery, human microvascular endothelial cells
  • hEGF
  • Hydrocortisone
  • GA-1000 (Gentamicin, Amphotericin-B)
  • FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum) 25ml
  • VEGF
  • hFGF-B
  • R3-IGF-1
  • Ascorbic Acid
1 Kit
Does not include Bovine Brain Extract (BBE) or basal medium
Endothelial Cell Growth Medium-2 MV
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