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Invitrogen™ FAM™ Dye-Labeled Anti-miR™ Negative Control #1

FAM™ Dye-Labeled Anti-miR™ Negative Control #1

Brand:  Invitrogen™ AM17012

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For Research Use Only. All usage must comply with product instructions.



A FAM™ dye–labeled synthetic miRNA inhibitor for miRNA functional analysis. 5 nmol is supplied, purified and ready to transfect. Invitrogen™ Anti-miR™ miRNA Inhibitors are chemically modified, single-stranded nucleic acids designed to specifically bind to and inhibit endogenous microRNA (miRNA) molecules. These ready-to-use inhibitors can be introduced into cells using transfection or electroporation parameters similar to those used for siRNAs. FAM™ Dye Labeled Anti-miR™ Negative Control #1 is a random sequence Anti-miR molecule that has been extensively tested in human cell lines and tissues and validated to produce no identifiable effects on known miRNA function. It is used for monitoring transfection efficiency in transfection experiments using Anti-miR miRNA Inhibitors. The fluorescent label enables direct observation of cellular uptake, distribution, and localization of the control. The molecule is labeled at its 5' end and has the same oligonucleotide sequence as unlabeled Anti-miR™ miRNA Inhibitor Negative Control #1 (SKU #AM17010).

Accessory Products:
Also available are Anti-miR™ miRNA Inhibitors (SKU #AM17000 and #AM17001). To select your miRNA sequence and order, please visit the GeneAssist™ miRNA Workflow Builder. Cy™3 dye-labeled Anti-miR™ Negative Controls (SKU #AM17011) are available. The Pre-miR™ miRNA Starter Kit (SKU #AM1540) can be used to optimize transfection of Pre-miR™ miRNA Precursors.


Negative Control
miRNA Inhibitor
5 nmol
Anti-miR™ miRNA Inhibitor
miRNA & Non-Coding RNA Analysis
Ambion™, Anti-miR™, FAM™
Dry Ice
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Special Offers

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.