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Genevac™ miVac™ Solid Aluminum JetRotors™

Solid aluminum centrifugal rotor for use with MiVac DNA systems

Brand:  Genevac DRC-12V40-078

Additional Details : Weight : 2.49000kg

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Range of centrifugal concentrators are capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats. The miVac accepts a swing rotor for microplates and disc rotors for tubes and vials. Choice of medium or high vacuum pumps and a dedicated DNA system with built-in pump. Very simple to use, allowing you to safely concentrate your samples or take them through to complete dryness. Easily monitor time and temperature on the large clear display. Easily set parameters using the set and select dial. To improve performance there are built-in special modes for working with water and alcohols, which optimise concentration time. Concentration is faster than other systems in its class due to these advanced features together with the high displacement vacuum pump and unique solid aluminum rotors. With a wide variety of available rotors, miVac evaporators are suited to many different tasks, such as drying or concentration in microcentrifuge tubes, conical centrifuge or other plastic tubes, glass vials and shallow or deep well microplates. The simple, robust design ensures years of reliable service even when used intensively, such as in teaching or multi-user laboratories. The intuitive controls allow inexperienced users to get first-class results the first time with most samples, while allowing more sophisticated programming for experienced workers. miVac concentrators are extremely quiet when in use and typical results with water show that miVac systems are faster than comparable machines. Performance can be further enhanced through the use of the miVac SpeedTrap refrigerated condenser.
  • Choice of concentrators according to workload
  • Capable of handling a wide range of solvents and sample volume
  • Simple user interface with optimised programmes for water, alcohols & other solvents
  • Precise temperature control providing protection for valuable samples
  • Compact
  • High power cold trap achieving -50°C with 1L collection capacity
  • Wide range of unique solid aluminum JetRotors™

MiVac DNA system
The miVac DNA integrated system is a centrifugal concentrator capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats and is designed specifically for working with nucleic acids. Supplied with built-in high performance vacuum pump, concentration chamber, and a fixed angle aluminum rotor for 1.5mL microcentrifuge tubes. The miVac DNA is suitable for simple organic solvents, e.g., methanol, ethanol, up to 100°C BP, and water in low sample numbers. Range of possible rotors includes an option for microtitre plates. For a wider range of solvents and/or a larger range of sample formats select miVac Duo or Quattro concentrator with miVac SpeedTrap and pump.

miVac Duo and Quattro concentrators
The miVac Duo system has been designed to accept a two-swing position microplate holder or disc rotors for tubes and vials. The miVac Quattro is a bigger system with a larger capacity bowl, enabling it to use a four swing position rotor and much higher capacity disc rotors. In both swing rotors, each position for shallow well microplates can accept multiple plates through the use of stackers. Both concentrators feature a simple user interface for setting and monitoring time, temperature and method.

miVac Duo and Quattro Vacuum Pumps
There is a choice of three pumps to complement the miVac concentrators according to your applications. The miVac Duo pump is a quiet and compact two-head diaphragm pump suitable for removing most solvents that boil below 130°C, including water, methanol, ethanol and their mixtures. For more demanding applications, such as higher boiling-point solvents up to 165°C, we recommend the miVac Quattro pump as this four head diaphragm pump can reach pressures of <2mbar which are needed for successful drying of medium boiling point solvents. Both pumps come in stylish housings to match the other miVac components and are controlled automatically by the miVac evaporation chamber. A scroll type vacuum pump is also available for high boiling point solvents. You should consult your local sales representative about the exact pump configuration for the application you have in mind.

miVac SpeedTrap
The miVac SpeedTrap is a novel high power cold trap used to condense solvent vapors. Cold traps can seriously improve the performance of any vacuum concentration system. When a cold trap condenses vapors back to liquid, there is a corresponding massive volume reduction helping to pull a vacuum and speeding up the concentration process considerably. The miVac SpeedTrap operates in a unique way, the cold condenser coils are suspended directly in the vapor path, solvent vapors condense directly on to the coils and run off into the collection vessel below without freezing, even when using water. This method is highly efficient, with more than twice the condensing power of a similar system, the user can quickly see the solvents in the trap, and emptying the trap is easy requiring no defrosting. The collection vessel is removed with a simple quarter turn, allowing safe disposal of the solvents.

The miVac connection kit contains all that is needed to turn the separate units of the miVac range into a fully integrated system. It includes vacuum tubing, a tube cutter, catch pot, and pump connection lead. Alternatively, system packages are available comprising concentrator, pump, cold trap and connection kit.

miVac are the only concentrators of their class to be supplied with rotors made from solid aluminum. The ‘JetRotors’ range provides very high performance concentration compared to rotors made from plastic, or of an open construction. Speed increases compared with polypropylene types range between 40% and 200%, depending on sample format, providing a significant advantage when working with stubborn solvents, such as water. The precision solid aluminum rotors efficiently conduct the heat energy needed for concentration to the samples, whereas in an open or plastic rotor the samples are effectively insulated by the plastic and/or the vacuum in the chamber. Rotors are available for all common tubes, vials, centrifuge tubes and microcentrifuge tubes. A custom rotor service is also available to ensure that you gain best use of your system.

Pressure controller
The miVac pressure controller can be added to any modular miVac system (or package) and allows the user full control over the running pressure in the system. A vacuum ramping mode enables concentration to be commenced gently and is used to help prevent bumping or spitting when evaporating solvent mixtures. For users who are uncertain of the appropriate pressures to choose, an automatic mode is available. Correct use of pressure control with the miVac SpeedTrap will make concentration faster and will enable more solvents to be caught in the SpeedTrap, reducing volatile solvent emissions.

Vapor traps
A vapor wash bottle with either acid or ammonia neutralising solutions is available for use when working these chemicals. Solutions change color when exhausted indicating when they need to be changed. Traps are fitted after the pump and before the vapor is discharged to atmosphere or fume extraction system Modular concentrator system with concentrator, pump and cold trap units



For use with DNA and DUO Concentrators
12 ×33 to 40 mm Glass Vials




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