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Invitrogen™ Magnetic 96-Well Separator

The Magnetic 96-Well Separator is designed for fast and simple removal of supernatant from samples bound to magnetic particles and may be used manually or as an integrated part of an automated workstation.

Brand:  Invitrogen™ A14179

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These assays make use of Luminex™ MagPlex™, or magnetic microspheres, and the MAGPIX™, Luminex™ 200™ or FLEXMAP 3D™ instruments.

• Achieve high, reproducible retention of magnetic bead-bound samples with the strong magnetic power of the Magnetic 96-Well Separator
• Increase sample recovery and purity vs. filter-based assays with magnetic bead-based assays
• Simplify and significantly reduce cellular assay time with Luminex™ magnetic bead-based assays and the Magnetic 96-Well Separator

96-Well, High-throughput Access to the World of Magnetic Microspheres
The use of magnetic microspheres has become widespread in the fields of biology, biotechnology and other bio-medical disciplines. Applications include cell sorting, RNA and DNA isolation, preparation, purification and sequencing, as well as immunology and a wide variety of isolation techniques for biological entities. The Magnetic 96-Well Separator may be utilized in a broad range of applications.

Magnetic Beads Let You Do More with Your Time
Novex™ brand assays for the MAGPIX™ system are built on Luminex's MagPlex™, or magnetic microsphere beads, platform. These assays take advantage of the magnetic beads workflow that simplifies wash steps and reduces variability in results. They are compatible with both vacuum and magnetic wash stations as well as other Luminex™ xMAP™ platforms. The MAGPIX™ system may also be used with other providers of Luminex™ magnetic bead-based assays.

More Validation for Confidence in Your Results
Built on the xMAP™ bead technology, the Novex™ brand immunoassays are designed for the detection of both single or multiple analytes simultaneously in a single biological sample. MAGPIX™ and other qualified assays from Thermo Fisher Scientific offer accurate analytical performance and efficient, easy-to-follow protocols. In addition, the quantitative analytical results obtained with Novex™ brand multiplexing assays are routinely tested against matching ELISAs to assure correlative results.

Luminex™ xMAP™ Technology—effective and proven analytical tool
For the past 10 years, xMAP™ technology has gained wide acceptance as a multiplex tool for use in a variety of applications, including protein expression profiling, focused gene expression profiling, and disease research. The Luminex™ 200™ or FLEXMAP 3D™ instruments use xMAP™ technology by combining fluorescent bead-based assays with flow cytometry, two lasers, real-time digital signal processing and xPONENT™ software to distinguish bead color (analyte) and assay signal strength (PE) fluorescence intensity.



Magnetic 96-Well Separator
Luminex™ Instruments
96-well Plate
Contents: One Magnetic 96-Well Separator
  • Storage: Room temperature
  • Novex™
    Room Temperature
    Luminex™ MAP™ Technology Assays


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