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Thermo Scientific™ Anaerobe Basal Agar (Dehydrated)

Cultivate anaerobic microorganisms, particularly Bacteroides spp. and other fastidious anaerobes with this medium.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ CM0972B

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Cultivate anaerobic microorganisms, particularly Bacteroides spp. and other fastidious anaerobes with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Anaerobe Basal Agar (Dehydrated). Bacteroides spp. are anaerobic bacteria that inhabit the digestive tract. The bacteria maintain a complex and generally beneficial relationship with the host when retained in the gut, but when they escape this environment they can cause significant pathology, including bacteremia and abscess formation in multiple body sites. Anaerobe Basal Agar, being very nutritious, is recommended for fastidious organisms like Bacteroides spp.

Anaerobe Basal Agar contains peptones, carefully selected to support good growth of anaerobic bacteria and yeast extract as a vitamin source. Starch is present to absorb any toxic metabolites1. Sufficient arginine is added to ensure the growth of Eubacterium lentum2, while haemin and vitamin K are growth factors required by many Bacteroides species3. Haemin is also required by Porphyromonas species. Sodium succinate improves the growth of Prevotella melaninogenica and Bacteroides species4. Sodium pyruvate is added as an energy source for asaccharolytic cocci such as Veillonella. It also acts similarly to catalase and degrades traces of hydrogen peroxide, which may be produced by the action of molecular oxygen on media components5. L-cysteine hydrochloride and dithiothreitol are reducing agents, and cysteine has also been shown to stimulate the growth of some anaerobes6.

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Anaerobe Basal Agar
Microbiology Media
500 g


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