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Ambion™ Silencer™ Pre-Designed siRNA

Silencer™ Pre-Designed siRNA

Brand:  Ambion™ AM16812

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  • 5160.00 SEK / Each
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For Research Use Only. All usage must comply with product instructions.



Silencer™ siRNA Libraries feature combinations of Silencer Pre-designed siRNAs, and when available, Silencer Validated siRNAs, in 96-well or 384-well plates. The design of each siRNA has been optimized for potent and specific silencing. The siRNA selection process yields siRNAs that are effective at low concentrations, enabling screening experiments at 30 nM siRNA or lower, minimizing reagent costs and off-target effects.

To ensure specificity, the siRNA design algorithm incorporates a rigorous check of all siRNA sequences. This process is accomplished via a modified alignment search tool that effectively identifies short regions of sequence alignment that BLAST searches miss. Sequences that have significant regions of similarity to off-target transcripts, fall in polymorphic regions (e.g., SNPs), or if they are predicted to invoke an antiviral response are eliminated. In addition, the siRNA design process incorporates stringent rules to prevent off-strand targeting.

  • Effective—siRNAs meticulously designed for potency and specificity
  • Convenient—ready-to-use siRNAs in amounts sufficient for hundreds of transfections
  • Reliable—three siRNAs per target increase screening accuracy, ideal for pathway analysis, target identification, and validation
  • Comprehensive—available for small gene sets and for the whole human genome
  • Customizable—custom aliquotting, pooling, and custom libraries available

    Guarantee for Silencer™ Pre-designed siRNAs
    Life Technologies guarantees that when you purchase three Silencer Pre−designed siRNAs to the same target, at least two of the siRNAs will reduce target mRNA levels in cultured cells by 70% or more when measured 48 hours after transfection at 100 nM or higher final siRNA concentration under the conditions described below. If atleast two of the three siRNAs do not induce >70% target mRNA knockdown, Life Technologies will provide a one−time replacement of up to three Silencer Pre−designed siRNAs per target at no additional charge. Requests for replacement product must be made within one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date of delivery of the Silencer Pre−designed siRNAs. Optimum transfection efficiency must be confirmed using good laboratory practices and a proven−to−work siRNA to an endogenous message, such as Ambion Silencer GAPDH siRNA Control. To assess knockdown, target mRNA levels in treated samples must be compared to that of cells transfected with a nontargeting control siRNA, such as Silencer Negative Control #1. We recommend Applied Biosystems TaqMan™ Gene Expression Assays to quantify mRNA levels.
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    Room temperature
    Silencer™, Ambion™
    Silencer™ Pre-designed siRNA FAM, 20nmol, Liquid, Room Temperature Storage, Classic 21-mers which Incorporate the Latest Improvements in siRNA Design, Off-target Effect Prediction Algorithms and Chemistry, Silencer Select Pre-Designed siRNAs are Guaranteed-To-Silence Based on their Proven Design
    Silencer Pre-Designed siRNA
    Silencer™ Pre-designed siRNA FAM
    20 nmol
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    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.