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IBA Solutions For Life Science StarGate™ Downstream Fusion Vector pCFUSE-IBA-11

For downstream positioning of an inserted gene of interest in the final Fusion Donor vector when linking two genes cloned in separate Donor Vectors using the StarGate™ transfer cloning system.

Brand:  IBA Solutions For Life Science 5-1630-001

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StarGate™ offers a simple cloning procedure for rapid and highly efficient subcloning of an arbitrary gene of interest (GOI) for use in functional expression, purification, detection, and immobilization or separation of recombinant proteins.

  • Minimal extra modification of the gene due to short combinatorial sites
  • Inherent high-level cloning efficiency due to a directed reaction (no equilibrium)
  • Genes are cloned in a Donor Vector and then parallel-transfered into Acceptor Vectors that provide different genetic surroundings
  • Easily connect two or more genes that are cloned in separate Donor Vectors using Fusion Vectors that are assembled by use of a one-tube reaction
    • The GOI to be positioned upstream is transferred into a pNFUSE-IBA derivative, specifying the intergenic region (IR):
      • IRES11: Provides internal ribosomal entry site (IRES) from encephalomyocarditis virus for separate cap-independent translation of downstream cistron in mammalian cells
      • SD11: IR includes a Shine Dalgarno (SD) sequence for translation of downstream cistron at comparable level to the upstream cistron in bacterial cells
      • LINK11: Genes of interest are fused by a sequence encoding the 10 amino acid linker GlySerGlyGlyGlySerGlyGlyGlySer
      • LINK12: Genes of interest are fused by a sequence encoding the 15 amino acid linker GlySerGlyGlySerGlyGlyGlyGlySerGlyGlyGlyGlySer
    • The GOIs to be positioned downstream are transferred into a pCFUSE-IBA11 vector (identical, irrespective of IR)


Solution, liquid
Resistance: ampicillin
5 μg
20μL TE buffer: 10mM Tris-HCl, 1mM EDTA per 5μL pCFUSE-IBA11
Stargate™ system derivatives
Downstream positioning, fusing cloned genes of interest
Fusion Vector
2-8°C for frequent usage, -20°C for long-term storage