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Thermo Scientific™ MagJET NGS Cleanup and Size Selection Kit

Purify and recover selected sizes of your DNA fragment library from upstream reactions for next-gen sequencing workflows with MagJET NGS Cleanup and Size Kits

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ K2823

Additional Details : Weight : 1.51000kg

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The MagJET NGS Cleanup and Size Selection kit is designed for efficient and robust DNA fragment library cleanup and size-selection from a variety of enzymatic reaction mixtures including PCR, ligation, adapter addition and DNA end-repair reaction mixes. The kit utilizes high-capacity MagJET paramagnetic bead technology that ensures efficient recovery of DNA fragment library within a desired fragment length range. The purified DNA fragments are free of any next-generation sequencing workflow inhibiting components, such as sequencing adapters, primer dimers, unincorporated nucleotides, enzymes or salts, and are ready-to-use in downstream NGS applications. No prior DNA fragment library purification is required before the cleanup and size-selection procedures.
The kit is suitable for cleanup or size selection of 5 ng to 5 μg of DNA fragment library. MagJET cleanup and adapter removal protocols can easily be automated for higher throughput on automatic platforms such as Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex and Thermo Scientific KingFisher Duo.
Robust - reliable cleanup and size selection from different reaction mixtures and buffers
Flexible - user-defined size-selection of exact DNA fragment range
NGS-grade purity - complete removal of NGS adapters, primers, nucleotides, enzymes and other reaction components inhibiting NGS workflow
High throughput compatible - easy to automate on the Thermo Scientific KingFisher magnetic particle processors for high-throughput sample handling Applications
DNA fragment library cleanup and size-selection for downstream use in next generation sequencing workflows.
• MagJET Magnetic Beads
• Binding Solution
• Wash Buffer (concentrated)
• Elution Buffer
• DNA Fragment Mix



Fragment Library, PCR Amplicons, cDNA Library, Oligo (DNA), cDNA
10 x 96 preparations
Magnetic Stand, KingFisher™ mL, KingFisher™ Flex
Genome & DNA Sequencing