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Why BioTek Cytation C10 Confocal Imaging Reader?

Confocal: Improved Image Quality and Analysis

Confocal microscopy can enable you to see a level of detail in your samples that is not possible with widefield optics. Not only can you obtain improved image quality, you can also get improved quantification and analysis with confocal images and Gen5 software.

High-Quality Optical Components

High-quality objectives, filters, and other components including the Hamamatsu sCMOS Orca camera, Semrock filters, Olympus objectives, and other well-known brands. These components enable the capture of stunning, publication-quality images.

Confocal Imaging and Multimode Plate Reader in One

With a combination of spinning disk confocal and widefield imaging, plus multimode reader, Cytation C10 is truly ready for any assay. And since Cytation C10 is a modular, upgradable instrument, you can get the functionality you need today and add modules later as your needs expand.

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The risk and financial impact of microbial contamination is exceptionally high during the cell-production procedure, making aseptic conditions essential to the handling of cell samples. Performing as many steps as possible under isolation and following effective disinfection is the safest method.

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Confocal Plus Widefield = Stunning Images and Analysis

Cytation C10 captures stunning detail in a wide variety of sample types. Use widefield imaging for faster acquisition of large samples at lower magnification, switch to confocal to image small intracellular details or 3D samples. Or combine both modes for highly multiplexed, multiparameter imaging experiments.



Environmental Controls for Live Cell Imaging

Successful live cell kinetic imaging relies on a consistent environment, including temperature control and CO2/O2 control and monitoring. Cytation C10 provides the perfect environment to grow and analyze live cells over time. Powerful movie maker and kinetic analysis software tools allow visualizing and analysis time-lapse experiments.

Hit-Picking: Imaging + Multi-mode Detection Saves Time and Data Storage

Imaging data sets can take a long time to acquire and require large data storage capacity. The unique hit-picking function takes advantage of the embedded plate reader optics. Set the hit picking criteria, quickly prescreen the microplate with the plate reader optics and Cytation C10 will automatically image the samples that meet your criteria, saving both time and hard disk space.


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Cytation C10 Confocal Imaging Reader

The Agilent BioTek Cytation C10 confocal imaging reader brings cost-effective, automated spinning-disk confocal microscopy to any lab that needs it, along with established multimode reading design in a single, easy-to-use instrument.

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