Cell and Gene Therapies


For a wide range of diseases, treatment and cure will progress by additional biological and medical investigations, as well as the application of novel therapeutic methods and innovative tools within the standardised research workflow.

Individual body cells, or even foreign cells, have been shown to be able to restore diminished tissue or otherwise unfunctioning body parts, which has made them excellent instruments for treating irregular illnesses. On a deeper molecular level this involves genes or nucleic acids that impair the study of tissue physiology. However they have also led to the development of new biologic tools and medical solutions for incurable or rare complaints.

Cell and gene workflows have become part of both the initial scientific discovery and further clinical investigative phases of research, and therefore provide insight and approaches for future therapeutics in life-threatening conditions, such as cancer and autoimmune conditions, as well as for some impactful dermal, cardiovascular, or neurological diseases.

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Gene Modification and Amplification

Reliable gene editing and gene modification, as well as the entire preparation of gene samples, is supported by the Fisher Scientific channel through provision of a variety of products. For example, a range of amplification kits and reagents are available to examine the function of single genes or nucleic acid samples, while other resources can be provided to modify samples and run efficient PCRs, or to measure output in qPCRs.

Gene Purification and Transfer

For the purification of nucleic acids, the Fisher Scientific channel can provide a broad range of consumables to support both the purification and concentration of genetic material. In addition, a variety of instruments are available to help analyze and quantify the purity of samples.

Cell Isolation and Sorting

For cell isolation, a range of efficient reagents and consumables are available to support the collection of cell pellets and additionally the distribution of cells on growth surfaces. For analysis of cell differentiation, further products are available that will aid in sorting and visualization efforts.


Cell Cultivation and Expansion

Cell cultivation requires specific nurturing elements, serum, and antimicrobial components to support cell seeding and proliferation in flasks or on plates. For the cell growth and expansion, a broad range of novel incubators and shakers, as well as other devices, are available.

Characterisation and Storage of Genomic or Cellular Samples

In order to characterise and visualise your cellular samples, the Fisher Scientific channel can provide a wide range of reagents and imaging instruments, including high-value items such as microscopes and their visualizing reagents. Cellular experiments can be described and outcomes distinguished by application of different cell counting tools and specific kits. In addition, both small and large refrigerators, as well as freezers, are available for effective sample storage.

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