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How Does ReFIBE™ Work?

New cleanroom polyester wipes made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Proper Wiping Techniques in Critical Environments

Learn the correct wiping technique for wiping down your surfaces.

EasyReach™ Cleaning Tools

Explore the EasyReach™ product range further.


Find out more about Prosat Pi Wipes from Contec™.


About Contec

With a rich history spanning over three decades, Contec is the go-to experts in contamination control solutions. Their expertise extends across diverse industries, including biomedical, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, life science and aerospace, to name a few. Contec is offering a wide array of cleanroom wipes, mops, and solutions, with a product line that includes sterilized options, validated for aseptic environments. Plus, their commitment to quality shines through in their ISO certified manufacturing operations, ensuring the highest standards are met.