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Choose Fisherbrand™ Plastic Centrifuge Bottles for Superior Performance

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Ease of Use

The wide-mouth design provides easy and open access for filling, pipetting, decanting, and removal of the pellet. Liquid handling experience is improved. Bottles are clear or translucent for easy sample visualization, and are compatible with most centrifuges.

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Boost Productivity

Available in 250mL and 500mL – scientists are enabled to decrease the number of centrifugation cycles and can therefore see their productivity boosted for large-volume separation applications.

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Reliable Quality

The autoclavable property allows convenient sterilization and reuse. Through chemical and mechanical resistance, high-quality results are assured.

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Applicable Solutions

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Centrifugation of Biological and Chemical Samples

The Fisherbrand™ Centrifuge Bottles are the best choice for a wide range of applications, including large-volume processing in cell harvesting and pelleting, separation methods and sample storage. They are ideal for use in research and production facilities.

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1 Adapted from Low to High-Speed Work

With two different cap styles, standard and high centrifugation can be achieved. Besides, the Noryl sealing closure allows leak-free processing at maximum rated speeds.

2 Robust Conception

These bottles are made of polycarbonate or polypropylene, making them robust for assured durability. They can also withstand to temperatures up to 135°C.

Fisherbrand™ Plastic Centrifuge Bottles

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to ensure the best centrifugation performance?

For proper performance, bottles must be filled to 80% of total capacity.