Beakers, Bottles, Cylinders and Glassware

VITLAB™ Wash Bottles, Transparent Polypropylene

Wash equipment and materials with a precise spray jet and optimized backflow. VITLAB™ Wash Bottles, Transparent Polypropylene feature a screw cap with an incorporated spray tube on a narrow- or wide-mouth bottle. Spray bottles are individually wrapped, autoclavable and recyclable. X12 Wash-bottle PP GL63wash-bottle cap PP 1000ml

Fisherbrand™ Soda Lime Glass Short Stem Funnel

Manufactured from soda lime glass. Fisherbrand™ Soda Lime Glass Short Stem Funnel is less likely to clog when funneling thicker substances. X10 FUNNEL SHORT STEM D50MMSoda-Kalk-Glas (VE=10Stck.)

Kartell™ Long Stem Funnel

Achieve quick and efficient filtration for food-related contents. Kartell™ Long Stem Funnel is ideal for fast filtration using standard filter papers. X10 long funnels PP ø60x194mm

Biochrom™ 1mm Optical Glass Standard Cuvette with Lid

Standard rectangular cell with lid for visible/UV spectrophotometry. 1mm pathlength with 200μL working volume. Includes spacers. 1mm Glass Cuvette

Pyrex™ Labware Class AS Borosilicate Glass Burette

Manufactured from precision-bore tubing (borosilicate glass) for high accuracy and complies with ISO 385 standards. Pyrex™ Labware Class AS Borosilicate Glass Burette includes grease-free interchangeable PTFE key with 1.5mm bore. Graduations in white enamel provide increased visibility with dark solutions. BURETTE CLASS AS 25ML PTFE KEY

Fisherbrand™ Solvent-Vented™ and Safety-Labeled Wash Bottles

Are pre-printed with Chemical name and formula. Fisherbrand™ Solvent-Vented™ and Safety-Labeled Wash Bottles have a patented valve which eliminates drips and allows bottle to dispense upright or inverted. X3 WASH BOTTLE SAFETYLABELLED BOTTLES,

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Separatory Funnels made with Teflon™ FEP with Closure

Utilize these chemically inert, translucent and autoclavable funnels which feature a TFE stopcock assembly. Chemical-resistant, leakproof and requires no lubrication. FUNNEL,SEPARATORY 1000ML

Duran™ Amber Narrow Neck Reagent Bottles with Flat Head Stopper

Guaranteed thermal shock resistance of 160K. DURAN™ Amber Narrow Neck Reagent Bottles with Flat Head Stopper is leak free with regards to liquid and gaseous media. X10 DURAN reagent bottles, narrow neck, NS 24/29,amber, with glass flat-head stopper, 500ML

Alfa Aesar™ Nickel Cover for Crucible

Nickel Cover for Crucible 36017, 75ml 1each

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Top Works™ Flexible Systems for Nalgene Bottles, Carboys and Media Bottles

Create aseptic handling solutions for liquid transfer applications with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Top Works™ Flexible Systems for Nalgene Bottles, Carboys and Media. X2 Nalgene Top Works Closure, Sterile

Vitlab™ Class B Polypropylene Tall-Form Measuring Cylinder

Use these cylinders for applications in the food industry. VITLAB™ Class B Polypropylene Tall-Form Measuring Cylinders feature graduated scales that are molded into the material and remain visible after daily cleaning in the dishwasher. Hexagonal base with bottom studs provides high stability. X12 Volumetric cylinder PP class B tall form raised scale 50ml

Scat™ HDPE Safety Funnels With Hinged Lid

Funnel w. lid, GL45, not cond.

Duran™ Class A Measuring Cylinders

Features a hexagonal base. DURAN™ Class A Measuring Cylinders blue gradations make them easy to read. X2 DURAN Measuring cylinder, main points ring graduation, blue, class A, hexagonal base, 5ML

Invitrogen™ Gibco™ Bottle, 1000 mL

Gibco™ Bottle, 1000 mL X60 BOTTLE GIBCO STERILE, EMPTY, IRRADIATED TO10¬-6 sterility for use in cell culture research

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ 60mL BOD Bottles with Glass Pennyhead Stoppers

Securely store samples with these BOD bottles, which include pennyhead-style stoppers X36 60 mL BOD Btl, Unnumb, Gls P-Head Stpr

Poulten Graf™ Soda Lime Glass Reagent Bottles

Complies with ISO/EN recommendations. Poulten Graf™ Soda Lime Bottles have angled shoulders to ensure steady pouring and feature an interchangeable octagonal head.
X10 BOTTLES VOLAC REAGENT WITH POLYSTOP INTERCHANGeable 16/16stopper soda lime glass 50mL (Pack of

Alfa Aesar™ Tammann Al-23 Crucibles

Al-23 Crucible, Tammann,Height x OD x ID (mm), 190 x 16 x 12,Volume (ml), 22,Tammann #, Ia 1piece

Alfa Aesar™ Conical Al-23 Crucibles

Al-23 Crucible, Conical,Ht (mm), 65,Top OD (mm), 60,Top ID (mm), 53,Base OD (mm), 30,Volume (ml), 75

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Leak-Resistant Narrow-Mouth Natural PP Bottles

With double-seal closure with cap attached X72 125 mL Star Btl, NM PP Nat, 24-410 Cap

Duran™ Spare Glass Pipettes

X10 Spare pipette for dropping bottle, clear, 100ML

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electroporation Cuvette

X2400 CUVETTE 4mm 800µl, Sterile  YELLOW (24 Pacls of 100 cuvettes each)

Kautex™ HDPE Natural Rectangular Narrow Neck Bottle

X381 Narrow-neck bottle square PE-HD ecru series 310

Duran™ Aspirator Bottles without Stoppers

X10 DURAN aspirator bottles, NS tubulated, without stopper, 1L

Fisherbrand™ Clear Boston Round Bottles with White Polypropylene PE Foam/PTFE Cap

For storing liquid samples. Fisherbrand™ Clear Boston Round Bottles with PTFE-Faced PE-Lined Cap are ideal for use when content integrity is important. X12 1L Bottle, Boston round, clear glass, neck size 33/400, supplied with white PTFE lined cap, Fish

Kautex™ HDPE Narrow Neck Bottle, Black

Use the versatile Kautex™ HDPE Narrow Neck Bottle, Black for item packaging, sending samples, and transporting, mailing and storage. 308-770096 Enghalsflasche HDPE, schwarzUN-Zulassung, VE=120 Stück

Saint-Gobain Chemware™ PFA Narrow Neck Graduated Bottles

Store virtually all corrosive chemicals, including hydrofluoric, nitric, and perchloric acids. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Chemware™ PFA Narrow Neck Graduated Bottles are chemically inert and heat resistant with a non-stick surface that is ideal for environmental sampling. Bottle narrow neck graduated PFA 5L Chemware, 1/Cs1/Cs, MA: TBD

Azlon™ Polypropylene Graduated Bottles with Write On Panel

Use these translucent polypropylene bottles for food contact applications in accordance with EU and USA regulations. Azlon™ Polypropylene Graduated Bottles with Write On Panel feature a leaf-proof liner-less design and good chemical resistance. X10 Bottle printed graduations, autoclavable, PP caps polypropylene 32mm neck I.D. 125mL

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ KIMAX™ Griffin Beakers

With thick, beaded, slightly flared top X12 BEAKER,GRIFFIN,LOW,SCALE,30ML

Thermo Scientific™ Microscope Slides, Cut, 1mm

Premium slides are manufactured through a unique proprietary cleaning process intended to provide consistent results and ease interpretation. This process allows these slides to to be used in routine histology and microbiology applications; and specifically in applications by delivering consistently crisp, featherededge blood smears with good morphology. X1000 Slides cut edges extra-white glass85.5x127.8x1.0mm

Pyrex™ Rotaflo™ Right Angle Pattern Plain Side-arm

Side arms are 100mm in length ROB ROTAFLOC HP EQ DIA7MM