Chemical Monitoring Instrumentation

Robu™ Filter Discs

X10 Filter-Disc 30 mm, Por. 2 Thickn.apx. 3,5 mm

Dräger™ Short-Term Detector Tubes: Vinyl Chloride

Detector tubes Tube Vinyl Chloride 0.5/b (10)

3M™ Zeta Plus Polycarbonate Filter Capsule

3M EZP 0.23m2 capsule E16E01A10SP01A

Dräger™ Pac™ III Sensors

Provide fast and accurate responses to hazardous gas levels IFU-DrägerSensor XS H2S 6809110

Gas Detector Tube

X8 GAS DETECTOR TUBE DRAEGER 6728081 OXYGEN SHORT-term 5 to23vol% (pack of 8)

Merck™ Flow-limiting Orifices

Creates quantitative airflow through a filter for airborne contamination analysis FLOW-LIMITING ORIFICES, 2L/MIN

Millipore™ Millex™-FH PTFE NS Filtration Membrane Sheet

X1000 Millex-FH 25mm PTFE .45um Non-sterile

Spectrum™ Spectra/Mesh™ Woven Filters for Macrofiltration: Polyproplyene Sheets

Consist of monofilament strands woven into a mesh screen, characterized by precise mesh openings, % open area and mesh thickness SPECTRA/MESH POLYPROPYLENE 30x30cm 210µm

Fisherbrand™ Active Carbon Line Filter

Used for filtration of samples of hydrocarbons, cetone, alcohols, ether, organic acids, ambient air, various gases and smokes. FILTER LIGNE AC CHARCOAL 26X82

Ark Plas Products™ HDPE Inline Filter

Designed for removing most visible particulate in aqueous solutions by means of a high-density Polyethylene (HDPE) filter. Ark Plas Products™ HDPE Inline Filters use micro-pore technology to capture virtually all minute particles in the applied system. X10 FILTER INLINE PE 100µ 4,8MMID

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Polycap™ HD 36 Disposable Capsule Filters

Ensures a finishing step yielding high purity final product. Whatman™ Polycap™ HD 36 Capsule Filters are suitable for filtering chemical solutions across wide temperature and pH ranges. POLYCAP 36 HD MAPP 5.0UM

Dräger™ Short-Term Detector Tubes: Dimethyl Sulfide

Detector tubes Draeger Tube Dimethyl Sulphide 1/a (1-15ppm)

Dräger™ Short-Term Detector Tubes: Carbon Monoxide

Detector tubes X10 Gas detector tubes Monoxyde carbon 0,3-7 vol%

Merck™ 47mm Aerosol Filter Holders

Vacuum-filter air or other gases from clean-room/open atmospheres/from closed systems for particulate contamination analysis SS AEROSOL STANDARD FILTER HOLDER, 47MM

Merck™ Inline Filter Holder

Supports inline production of ultraclean liquids or gasses by pressure prefiltration IN-LINE PP FILTER HOLDER, 47MM

Alfa Aesar™ Polyamide Layer Sheets for Chromatography

Polyamide used as a catalyst in the epoxidation of cyclohexene with tert-butylhydroperoxide POLYAMIDE LAYER SHEETS FORCHROM,15CMX15CM 5EA

Draeger™ Complete Accuro Detector


Dräger™ Short-Term Detector Tubes: Thioether

Detector tubes Det. Tube Thioether (10)

Dräger™ CMS Chips: Phosphine

Suitable for 10 measurements of one gas. Gas sampling cassette CMS Chip phosphine 20 to500ppm 10 tests per chip Dräger, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Cole-Parmer™ Polypropylene Screen Disc

X10 MESH 55MM,149UM,PP,10/PK

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Solvent IFD, 0.2μm, 50mm, polypropylene

GE’s Solvent IFD is a high-flow HPLC in-line filter/degasser, designed to simultaneously filter and degas organically based HPLC mobile phases. X10 SOLVENT IFD PP 0.2µM 50MMWhatman degas filters 1/8 tubing 10 pc.

Merck™ Samplicity™ Filtration System Vial Trays

Vacuum filtration system for sample preparation for HPLC X2 Samplicity Filtration System Vial Trays

Draeger™ Portable Gas Detectors X-am

Portable Gas Detector X-am 2500 4Gas-EX, O2, COH25-LC

Dräger™ Short-Term Detector Tubes: Carbon Disulfide

Detector tubes X10 Tube, Carbon Disulfide 3/a (10)

Dräger™ Alkaline Battery Holder for X-am™ 1000/2000/5000 Gas Monitors

Accessory for X-am 1000/2000/5000 Gas Detectors. Battery holder ABT 0000 (w/o batteries)

Whatman™ Filter


GPE Scientific™ J Young Gas Sample Tube with O-Ring Taps

GPE Scientific™ J Young Gas Sample Tube with O-Ring Taps is a gas collecting tube with O-ring valves on each end. J YOUNG GAS SAMPLE TUBE WITH O-RING TAPS, 1000ML,BODY OD: 85MM, BODY LENGTH: 250MM