Smoking Products Waste Disposal Containers

Justrite™ Smokers Cease-Fire™ Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Innovative design limits flow of oxygen to safely and quickly extinguish cigarettes

Justrite™ Elite™ Smokers Cease-Fire™ Cigarette Butt Receptacles

Collect unsightly cigarette litter and reduce the risk of fire

Justrite™ Cease-Fire™ Head

Convert standard metal drum into fire-safe waste receptacle

Justrite™ Cease-Fire™ Waste Receptacle

Justrite's Cease-Fire™ Waste Receptacle is specially contoured to direct smoke and gas from any fire inside the containter back into the combustion area, cutting off the air supply and extinguishing flames in seconds.

Justrite™ Elite Smokers Cease-Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacles Accessories

For safe containment and disposal of cigarette butts