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Browse the Fisher Scientific portfolio of educational and general-purpose thermometers, pH meters and timekeeping products. Choose from a range of high-quality, high-specification thermometers to support every aspect of your clinical projects, a variety of electrochemistry equipment to meet all the demands of your laboratory or classroom, and an array of precision clocks, stopwatches and digital timers to keep time wherever you are.

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Meeting Classroom Needs and Your Laboratory's Demands

Fisher Scientific™ offers an assortment of thermometers, precision digital thermometers, electronic thermometers, and infrared thermometers.

Our digital thermometers, including the shock resistant and waterproof Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Lollipop™ Thermometer, can cater to a wide range of projects in both clinical labs and classrooms. We also offer a wide selection of digital infrared thermometers available in both pen and handheld styles for taking readings through tissue, as well as laser thermometers for taking readings from a distance.

Many of our thermometers, including the affordable student thermometer, can be used for both educational and general applications, while others, are perfect for medical applications.

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Conductivity Meters for Every Need

Fisher Scientific has a wide range of pH meters, including portable, handheld and benchtop models, plus pH papers and litmus papers to meet your analysis requirements. We also offer buffers, such as Fisher Chemical™ pH Buffer Solution, in a variety of pH levels and purity grades to help you maintain the pH levels in your enzymes and prohibit denaturation, as well as glass and ion-selective electrodes, such as Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Fluorine Electrodes, for your life sciences research.

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Clocks, Stopwatches and Timers


Accuracy in Timekeeping

Whether you’re looking for a simple digital clock, timer or stopwatch, or if you need the precision of an atomic clock, Fisher Scientific has an array of accurate products to suit all your timekeeping needs.

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