Water Quality and Purification

Fisherbrand™ pH Indicator Paper Sticks

Measure the pH value quickly and easily directly at the point of interest. Fisherbrand™ pH indicator paper sticks are ready to use at any time and don’t need any calibration, set-up or maintenance. Therefore, they are perfect in a variety of environments such as: chemical laboratories, industry, dairies, production, universities, schools and food processing. BOX 100 PAPER STRIPS 3,1-8,3 PH

Thermo Scientific™ Eutech TN-100 Turbidimeter Calibration Kit

Simple, display-prompted push-button calibration CALIBRATION KIT EUTECH (0.02, 20.0, 100, 800 NTU)for TN100

Macherey-Nagel™ Lead Acetate Test Paper

Provides for the quick and easy determination of lead hydrogen sulphide in samples. Macherey Nagel™ Lead Acetate Test Paper is toxic and needs to be declared as hazardous. 5M LEAD ACETATE PAPER

Borosilicate Glass Kjeldahl Distillation Assembly

Distillation unit Kjeldahl distillation assembly complete borosilicate glass

Gibertini Elettronica™ Super Dee Digital Distilling Unit

Determine volatile acidity and the alcoholic strength by volume in wines, musts and alcoholic beverages with the OIV Official method. Gibertini Elettronica™ Super Dee Digital Distilling Unit features a robust stainless steel design and an easy to read display. OENOLOGIC DISTILLER SUPERDEE

Macherey-Nagel™ Tritest™ pH Paper Roll

Featuring three indicator zones for the highest accuracy readings. Macherey Nagel™ Tritest™ pH Paper Rolls give the user the most precise readings possible in pH measurement. TRITEST-UNIVERSAL- INDIKATORPAPIER PH 1 - 11 (1ROLLE),90510

Velp Scientifica™ ECO16 Thermoreactor for COD Analysis

Sixteen-position thermoreactor for chemical oxygen demand analysis. Velp Scientifica™ ECO16 Thermoreactor for COD Analysis features a settable temperature and operating time. ECO16 THERMOREACTOR 230V/50-60HZECO16 THERMOREACTOR 230V/50-60HZ

Fisherbrand™ Universal pH Indicator Paper

Provides rapid and precise readings. Fisherbrand™ Universal pH Indicator Paper include a color scale printed on the cover for convenience. 5M PH PAPER 1-10 FISHERBRAND

Kartell™ Sedimentation Imhoff Cones

Manufactured with SAN for crystal clear visibility and strength. Kartell™ Sedimentation Imhoff Cone is an ideal solution for determining settleable solids in surface and saline waters and sewage. imhoff sedimentation cone SAN 1000ml

WTW™ Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Test Kits

Get accurate Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) test results with the Chlorine dioxide reagent test kit. X25 TUBE TEST COD 0-15000 MG/L

WTW™ Cadmium Reagent Test Kits

With certificate for optimum precision. KIT TEST CADMIMUM 0,01-0,500 MG/L

Lovibond™ Tintometer™ DPD 1 Buffer Solution

For photometric determination of free/total chlorine in water testing. Lovibond&trade Tintometer™ DPD 1 Buffer Solution is an environmentally friendly reagent packaged in a color-coded blue dropper bottle for precise liquid dosing. 15ML DPD 1 BUFFER SOLUTION

Fisherbrand™ Portable Demineralizer

Delivered with connections, 4 m of pipe, stop valve, screws and bolts, quick coupler, flow rate valve and reducer of pressure. Fisherbrand™ Portable Demineralizer is delivered assembled and works without electricity. DEIONISER 4 CARTRIDGES

Palintest™ Hardness (Hardicol) Test Kit

Based on a unique colorimetric method, this Palintest Hardicol test is robust, reliable, accurate, and easy to use. X50 TEST KIT/PHOTOM TOT HARD 0-50

VELP Scientifica™ UDK 129 Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

Takes 5 minutes to collect 100mL of distilalte. VELP Scientifica™ UDK 129 Kjeldahl Distillation Unit is supplied with a 250mL test tube, 250mL collecting flask, pincer, and a set of inlet and outlet tubes. UDK129 DISTILLATION UNIT 230V/50-60HZUDK129 DISTILLATION UNIT 230V/50-60HZ

Macherey-Nagel™ Oil Test Paper

Allows the rapid, reliable and qualitative detection of oil contaminations of water and soil. Macherey Nagel™ Oil Test Papers' sensitivity largely depends on the nature of the respective hydrocarbon. X100 OIL STRIPS

Thermo Scientific™ Eutech TN-100 Handheld Infrared Turbidity Meter Kit

Waterproof, portable, infrared Turbidity meter wtih extended range up to 2000 NTU, 0.01 resolution Trübungsmessgerät TN 100, Messbereich 0 bis 1000NTU, Kunststoff-Koffer

Macherey-Nagel™ Quantofix™ Peroxide 1000 Test Strip Kits

Allows for the quick and easy determination of peroxide levels in solutions. Macherey Nagel™ Quantofix™ Peroxide 1000 Test Strip Kits are semi-quantitative, come pre-calibrated and contain all necessary equipment and reagents.
X100 Test sticks QUANTOFIX Peroxide 1000 semi,

Macherey-Nagel™ Quantofix™ Test Strips

Perform fast, easy analyses on the spot. Macherey-Nagel™ Quantofix™ Test Strips are ready to use semi-quantitative tests that change color depending on the concentration of the analyte in the sample. Read results using the color scale or with the Quantofix™ Relax. QUANTOFIX NITRATE SET

Macherey-Nagel™ Potassium Iodide Starch Paper

Impregnated with potassium iodide and starch for the detection of nitrite and free chlorine. Macherey Nagel™ Potassium Iodide Starch Paper may be used by dipping it into the solution to be tested.
Kaliumjodatstärkepapier 816N, 10x75mm (VE=100Stck.

Fisherbrand™ pH Qualitative Indicator Paper, Without Color Chart

Provides simple acid/base determinations at a set pH transition point. Fisherbrand™ pH Qualitative Indicator Paper, Without Color Chart are simple, completely impregnated indicator papers used to indicate if the pH of a solution is above or below the transition range (color change). X4 FISHERBRAND Congo paper roll MN816N

Macherey-Nagel™ Quantofix™ Ammonium Test Strip Kits

Allows for the quick and easy determination of ammonium in solutions. Macherey Nagel™ Quantofix™ Ammonium Test Strip Kits are semi-quantitative, come pre-calibrated and contain all necessary equipment and reagents. QUANTOFIX AMMONIA

WTW™ Total Organic Carbon Test Kits

Test materials for the AQA of photometric routine and water analysis for multi-level result certainty of photoLab™, pHotoFlex™ and test kits X25 TUBE TEST COT 5,0-80,0 MG/L

Macherey-Nagel™ Ammonia Test, For Aquariums

Allows for the fast determination of ammonium in solutions to keep aquariums in good condition, so fish stay healthy. Macherey-Nagel™ Ammonia Test, For Aquariums provides safe, reliable results within 40 seconds—just dip, swirl and read. AMMONIA TEST

Indicator Buffer Tablets, Honeywell™ Fluka™

50TAB Indicator buffer tablets for the determination of water hardness

Hanna Instruments™ Chemical Test Kit

Includes all of the reagents and equipment necessary to perform manual water testing. Hanna Instruments™ Chemical Test Kit features pre-made, pre-measured reagents for fast, accurate determinations with high-resolution readings based on accepted titrations methods. 1 SET PHOSPHATE TEST KIT, RANGE 0 TO 5MG/L

Macherey-Nagel™ Phenolphthalein pH Paper


Macherey-Nagel™ Potassium Iodide Starch Qualitative Test Paper

Allows the quick and easy detection of strong oxidizers such as nitrite and free chlorine. Macherey-Nagel™ Potassium Iodide Starch Qualitative Test Paper is also used to control diazotization reactions. Potassium iodide starch paper is available in two formats: 5m reel or 70 x 20mm test strips. X200 KALIUM PAPER(VE=200 Stck.)