Pumps and Tubing

GE Healthcare™ PEEK Tubing

PEEK tubing comes in a variety of internal diameter sizes.  GE Healthcare Lifescience™ PEEK Tubing is an important chromatography accessory. TUBING PEEK 0.15MM I.D., 1/16 INCH O.D., 2M ACCESSory for Ettan(TM) LC

Vacuubrand™ RZ 2.5 Rotary Vane Pump

Use for a wide range of laboratory and process applications that require low ultimate vacuum at medium gas flow rate Vacuubrand™ RZ 2.5 Rotary Vane Pump are high-performance rotary vane pumps with extra compact design and low weight. ROTARY VANE PUMP 2,3M3/H COMPLETE u. Absperrventil VS 16, EU plug

Spectrum™ Spectra/Por™ 3 RC Dialysis Membrane Tubing 3500 Dalton MWCO

Ideal for molecular separation, protein binding studies, electrolyte removal, desalting 15M SPECTRA/POR 3 TRIAL KIT 3,500 MWCO 18MM WIDTH

Fisherbrand™ Silicone Tubing

For consistently reliable and accurate fluid transfers. 10M Tubing silicone rubber 10.0 2.0mm

GL45 Screw cap Twin Hose Connector for Pyrex GL 45 media-lab bottle

Connect GL45 media bottles with flexible tubing using a twin hose connector. The GL45 screw cap twin hose connector for the Pyrex™ GL45 media-lab bottle keeps solutions sterile. X2 Screw cap, autoclable, GL 45 with two hose connectors

Edwards Vacuum™ Ultragrade™Performance 19 Lubricating Oil

The most popular oil for rotary van pumps, with excellent lubrication and vapour pressure characteristics. 4LT Ultragrade performance oilGEBINDE 4 L

GE Healthcare™ Polyethylene Capillary Tubing

Polyethylene tubing (10m) with a 1mm inner diameter for the controlled delivery of liquid in chromatography systems. CAPILLARY TUBING

Cole-Parmer™ Polypropylene Barbed Y Connection Fittings

These Y-shaped barbed fittings are ideal for assembling fluid handling systems in applications such as pharmaceuticals, laboratory, industrial/manufacturing, water sampling and food processing. X10 FITTING Y PP 3/32'

Fisherbrand™ Viton Rubber Tubing

Suitable for transferring corrosive liquids, even at high temperatures 5M Tubing viton x 5m 8mmid x 1.5mmod (roll)

Fisherbrand™ Translucent Silicone Tubing

Use this tubing with peristaltic pumps. Fisherbrand™ Translucent Silicone Tubing is ideal for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and sterile fluid transfer applications. 5M SILICONE TUBG 6X9MM

Fisherbrand™ Polytetrafluoroethylene Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Use these chemically resistant pumps for applications involving aggressive solvents and acidic vapors. Fisherbrand™ Polytetrafluoroethylene Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps and connection heads are carbon fiber reinforced to provide electrical conductivity and prevent electrostatic charging. Diaphragm vacuum pump Fisherbrand chemicallyresistant ultimate vacuum <8 mbar 220V 50-60Hz

KNF™ PTFE Coated Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Use this pump for sampling, evacuating and compressing applications. KNF™ PTFE Coated Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps permit gentle distillation and high rates of recovery even with low-boiling solvents. VACUUM PUMP 6L/MIN 160MBAR, EU plug

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Sterile Silicone Tubing

Use this tubing for biopharmaceutical applications. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Sterile Silicone Tubing is biologically inert and does not inhibit cell culture. Stays flexible down to -50°C and maintains its chemical, mechanical and electrical performance up to +200°C. 25M TUBING VERSILIC SILICONE BORE 5 X 8,10M COIL

Watson Marlow™ Variable Speed Pump

Use this versatile pump for a variety of applications. Watson Marlow™ Variable Speed Pumps offer total process confidence and security by providing traceability, ease of validation, superior flow rate stability and metering accuracy. Designed for outstanding performance with minimal downtime. PERISTALTIC PUMP 323 DU/D ANALOGUE / MANUALcontrol variable speed control with 3 roller

Azlon™ Polypropylene Straight Connector for Tubing

Connect tubing of the same or similar sizes with a straight pattern connector. The Azlon™ polypropylene straight connector for tubing is autoclavable. STR CONNECTORS PP O.D 7/11MM VE=10 Stück

GL45 Screw cap for Pyrex GL 45 media-lab bottle

Facilitate the transfer of liquids within a closed and sterile connection system. The GL45 screw cap for Pyrex™ GL45 media-lab bottle is part of a Pyrex™ connection system perfect for chemistry or biotechnology laboratories. X2 Screw cap, polypropylene, GL 45 with three GL 14 ports

S.C.A.T.™ Straight Tube Fittings

Providing connection flexibility in the laboratory. Tube fiitting, straight, 3 - 4mm ID, PP

GL14 screw cap for Pyrex™ GL 45 media-lab bottle

Facilitate the transfer of liquids within a closed and sterile connection system. The GL14 screw cap for Pyrex™ GL45 media-lab bottle is part of a Pyrex<™ connection system perfect for chemistry or biotechnology laboratories. X2 Screw cap, polypropylene, autoclavable, GL 14,with red PTFE coated insert

Thermo Scientific™ 316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC

Use cleaned, polished, passivated and ready-to-use Thermo Scientific™ 316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC. 50 MM TUBING LC 316 STAINLESSsteel 1/16 inch,0.005 inch 50mm

KNF LABOPORT™ PPS Pump Head EPDM Mini Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Carry this convenient vacuum pump wherever you need vacuum. KNF LABOPORT™ PPS Pump Head EPDM Mini Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps feature chemically resistant wetted parts for maximum performance and outstanding product life. Pumps can tolerate occasional liquid ingestion without damage. VACUUM PUMP 6L/MIN 100MBAR Hz, Schutzart IP20, EUplug

Brand™ Reducing Adapter For Brand M 22x1 Water Jet Filter Pump

Reducing adapter PP f. water pump 159600 f. watertap M 22x1

Smiths Medical™ Portex™ Fine Bore LDPE Tubing

Offering softness, a light weight and excellent chemical resistance in the laboratory. Smiths Medical™ Portex™ Fine Bore LDPE Tubing has a smooth bore for ease of cleaning. Tubing, polyethylene, fine bore, sterilelightweightand flexible polyethylene 30m coil -20

Edwards Vacuum Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Exhaust Oil Mist Filters

Captures oil mist from pump outlet when used with RV Rotary Vane Pumps Pump filter EMF20 oil mist for RV12

Fisherbrand™ Aspiration Advantage System

Compact and portable unit with an integrated resistant diaphragm pump, used for the safe and precise aspiration of non-flammable chemical, biological, and medical liquids. Fluids can be removed easily and very precisely from slides, petri dishes, microplates, cell culture containers or similar vessels by using different pipettes or glass tips which can be easily connected to the HandVac pipettor attachment. Aspiration Advantage System with 4L polypropylene

KNF™ Neuberger PPS/PTFE Vaccum Pump

Compact, versatile, oil-free, oscillating diaphragm pump for uncontaminated and maintenance-free operation. KNF Neuberger™ PPS/PTFE Vacuum Pump is available in different sizes/capacities and more chemically resistant versions. VACUUM PUMP 11,5L/MIN 290 MBAR, EU plug

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tygon™ LMT-55 Tubing

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tygon™ LMT-55 Tubing delivers the same superior performance, but now in a formulation that contains a non-DEHP plasticizer. 10m Tygon LMT-55 Tubing 2.79x0.85mm

Fisherbrand™ DP2100 Dispensing Pump System

Fisherbrand™ FH100D and FH100DX Dispensing Peristaltic Pump for critical metering and dispensing applications - pump, dispense and fill all with one unit. DP2100 Dispensing Pump System

Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Aspiration Advantage System Accessory, Receiving Bottle

Designed for use with Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Aspiration Advantage Systems. 4L polypropylene receiving bottle

Cole-Parmer™ Kynar Polypropylene Tubing Adapter Luer Fitting

Designed for a variety of applications with small tubing. Cole-Parmer™ Kynar Polypropylene Tubing Adapter Luer Fittings feature standard connection types for syringes. ADAPTER PP FEMALE LUER LOCK

Adtech Polymer Engineering™ PTFE Microtubing

Providing flexibility and resilience for general laboratory work. Adtech Polymer Engineering™ PTFE Microtubing is excellent for high-temperature work and transfer of corrosive chemicals.
30M PTFE microbore tubing 0,56X1,07M