Fisherbrand Safety Disposal Apparel

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Focus on Fisherbrand for your safety needs

Many laboratories and other workplaces need disposable safety apparel that can be used just once and then disposed of, rather than relying on reusable garments that may not be clean or provide sufficient protection. Our disposable range is also great for keeping your laboratory or workplace visitors safe and clean, no matter how brief their stay!

A broad range of disposable safety apparel

From head to toe, Fisherbrand supplies a comprehensive range of safety apparel and accessories to help protect you, your visitors and your non-hazardous laboratory and other working environments from contaminants or dirt.

This new range features lab coats, facemasks, bouffant caps as well as shoe, beard and sleeve covers. All these products deliver an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort but at affordable prices.

Count on Fisherbrand to keep you and your visitors safe in your workplace!

Download a copy of the pdf brochure or click on the tabs below to find out more information regarding individual items and to review their detailed specifications.

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Lab coats
Face masks

Specification sheets

Our single-use face masks feature a melt blown polypropylene filter that is thermally bonded between two layers of nonwoven polypropylene. They provide a universal fit and are available with either ear loops or tie closure, in a choice of colour, either blue or white. 

Bouffant caps

Specification sheets

Our bouffant caps can be worn in various work environments to provide basic protection. They have an elasticated headband for a secure fit and are available in a variety of sizes, in a choice of either blue or white. 

Shoe covers

Specification sheets

We also offer four different types of disposal shoe covers: standard polypropylene, polypropylene with or without anti-skid sole, anti-static polypropylene with a carbon dissipative anti-static strip and polyurethane high tack. They all offer protection against dirt, grime and dry particulates in non-hazardous environments.

Beard cover

Specification sheets

Our disposable polypropylene beard covers offers protection from facial hair and beard contamination, available as a universal fit.

Sleeve cover

Specification sheets

Our polyethylene sleeve covers can be worn as yet another layer of protection wherever appropriate, available as a universal fit.