Biological Hazards

Workers in research and healthcare/clinical settings may come into contact with biological hazards through direct use
of hazardous agents or by incidental exposure. Find the products and services required to mitigate this risk, including
personal safety apparel and material handling, storage and disposal options.

Discover our extensive Safety Lab Essentials Portfolio


Personal Safety

We can provide a variety of general purpose and fluid-resistant safety apparel, from gloves to coveralls, to mitigate biohazard exposure. Other appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as powered or unpowered respirators and various forms of eye and face protection are also available.


Hazardous Material

Our safety portfolio offers a variety of solutions for safe handling of biological hazards, as well as a range of laboratory equipment that allows biological cultures to be manipulated safely. A variety of low temperature and cryogenic storage options, as well as biohazard disposal options, are also available.


Facility Safety

Biohazard facility safety can be addressed through appropriate use of hazard signage to flag risks to workers and through prompt responses to any leaks or spills that do occur. To this end, we can provide a range of biological hazard signs and spill control and containment products.


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