Chemical Hazards

Chemicals can pose a range of health and physical hazards. Take a proactive approach to protecting your employees.
Find the products and services you need to prevent and respond to chemical hazards, including personal safety
(chemical-resistant apparel), hazardous material safety and facility safety.

Discover our extensive Safety Lab Essentials Portfolio


Personal Safety

Our range of chemical-resistant apparel is designed secifically for dealing with chemical hazards in the workplace. Other appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as powered or unpowered respirators and various forms of eye and face protection are also available.


Hazardous Material Safety

Our safety portfolio offers a range of solutions for the safe handling of hazardous chemicals, as well as a range of laboratory equipment that allows sensitive chemicals to be manipulated under controlled conditions. Secure chemical storage and disposal options are also available.


Facility Safety

Our product range includes various options for facility safety, including chemical hazard signage, chemical monitoring instrumentation, and spill control and containment products. First aid solutions suitable for chemical hazards (e.g. eyewash stations) are also available.


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