Contamination Hazards

There are five main sources of cleanroom contamination: people, water, air and ventilation, surfaces, and item transport, with people as the largest factor. With the right personal protective equipment and cleaning and sterilization products, you can help prevent contamination in critical environments. The Fisher Scientific portfolio offers a range of innovative, industry-leading products that will allow you to run your cleanrooms safely and efficiently.

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Personal Safety

A major method of mitigation in controlled environments is protection localized around the worker to minimize the release of body-borne contaminants (skin cells, micro-organisms, clothing fibres etc). This is accomplished through use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and our portfolio offers a range of specialist and general apparel suitable for this purpose.


Hazardous Material Safety

Mitigation of contamination can also be accomplished through protection localized around the work area. We can offer a range of hoods and enclosures to prevent sensitive material from coming into contact with environmental contaminants, as well as a number of options for material storage and disposal suitable for the controlled environment.


Facility Safety

A variety of product options are available to minimise contamination within the wider cleanroom facility. Atmospheric contaminants can be monitored via particle counting instrumentation and filter systems, while other anti-contamination measures such as sticky matting and taping are also available. We can also offer a range of signage and labelling solutions to flag hazards to workers, while facility hygiene can be maintained through the use of specialist cleaning equipment, detergents, and disinfectants. Cleanroom specific supplies, such as stationary items, are also available.


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