Physical Hazards

Physical hazards in the workplace can come in various forms, from collisions, slips, trips and falls, to the effects of repeated handling of equipment or the performance of repetitive manual tasks. Care should be taken to minimise these risks and sites should be managed accordingly.

Discover our extensive Safety Lab Essentials Portfolio


Personal Safety

Our portfolio offers a range of general workwear and personal protective equipment for those working in physically hazardous roles, from hard hats, work gloves, and footwear, to high-visibility and cut-resistant apparel.


Hazardous Material Safety

Our range of products can help you to minimize the risks around manual handling, with a variety of dollies, trucks, and carts to help prevent injury. An orderly site is a safer site and we also have a range of storage and waste disposal options that can help with this.


Facility Safety

Traffic flow around a busy site is a major source of risk and we can offer a range of management solutions for this issue, from barricades, bollards, and cones to safety tape and dispensers. Slips and trips can be prevented with our range of safety matting options and a range of hazard signage is also available for identification of dangers.


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