Radiological Hazards

Radiation is used in a diverse range of industrial, medical, research, and communications applications. Although these applications bring real benefits, some can create potentially harmful exposure risks that must be effectively controlled.

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Personal Safety

The Fisher Scientific channel can provide your employees with protective apparel, such as radiation aprons, designed specifically for handling radioactive materials. Other personal protective equipment (PPE), including a wide variety of general protective clothing, respirators, and eye protection are also available.


Hazardous Material Safety

Our portfolio offers a variety of solutions for the safe handling of radioactive materials, including radiation shields and a variety of containers for both storage and disposal of radioactive/contaminated items.


Facility Safety

Effective monitoring, both for leaks of radioactive material and for cumulative exposure to radioactive sources, is vital to personal and facility safety. The Fisher Scientific channel can provide a variety of radiation detectors, monitoring systems, survey meters, and dosimeters. A range of hazard signage is also available to flag potential risks to workers.

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