Thermal Hazards

Certain workplace environments may involve risks due to thermal hazards including fire, sparks, and naked flames, while both elevated temperatures (heat stress) and low-temperature environments (cold stress) also present significant risk factors. Health and safety laws require that such hazards be controlled though use of appropriate mitigation factors.

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Personal Safety

The Fisher Scientific channel can supply a range of safety apparel designed to deal with thermal hazards, including equipment with both cold-resistant and heat/fire-resistant properties. Cold-resistant gear includes both general apparel for low-temperature environments and specialist personal protective equipment (PPE) for laboratory hazards, such as cryogenic materials. Our heat and fire-resistant ranges include apparel for work environments, as well as PPE for an emergency response setting.


Hazardous Material Safety

Our portfolio includes a range of products to accommodate the handling, storage, and disposal of thermally hazardous materials. From insulated containers and Dewar flasks, to flammable material storage cabinets, explosion-proof freezers and refrigerators, and flammable waste disposal containers, we can help you minimize the effects of both heat and cold on your workers.


Facility Safety

Whether through process, fault, or human activity (e.g. smoking), fire is a constant hazard at all sites. The Fisher Scientific channel can provide a range of solutions to mitigate such risks, including fire suppression equipment and a range of fire-related signage options. Laboratory specific safety signage for flammable and explosive hazards are is available.


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