The Eppendorf Video Guide to Perfecting Your Pipetting Technique

Pipettes are among the most fundamental instruments used in modern laboratories for a plethora of applications; from PCR and cell culture to next generation sequencing preparation, chemical titrations, and drug discovery. So, let’s talk about possible choices and pipetting technique - using your pipettes correctly and efficiently, taking care of them properly, and choosing the best one for your application is crucial to getting the most out of your experiments.

Whether you’re a pipetting novice wanting to go pro or simply want to brush up on some skills, this new video series from the pipetting experts at Eppendorf™ has got you covered! We’ll begin by taking you back to the basics.

Episode 1: How to Pipette in Five Simple Steps

In the first episode of the "Pipetting Tutorials with Eppendorf" series, you’ll be going back to the fundamental principles underlying good pipetting technique when using mechanical air-cushion pipettes (such as the Eppendorf Research™ plus or Reference™ 2). With five simple and easy to follow steps that can be applied to nearly all pipetting applications, this video is packed full of useful tips and tricks – like pre-wetting your pipette tip!

Episode 2: How to Fill Plates Faster

If you’ve mastered the single-channel pipette but your thumbs are getting tired filling 96-well plates, fear not, the multi-channel pipette is here to make your work faster and more ergonomic. Discover how to choose the best multi-channel pipette as well as some helpful hints on how to use it effectively to boost productivity in your lab.

Episode 3: How to Increase Pipetting Efficiency

It’s no secret that Eppendorf Xplorer™ electronic pipettes are a simple solution to boosting efficiency. But this isn’t their only benefit. From superior ergonomics to better reproducibility, electronic pipettes are transforming the modern laboratory. In this video, you’ll discover all the reasons why it’s time to make the move to electronic pipetting.

Episode 4: What’s Happening Inside Your Pipette?

Have you ever thought about what’s going on inside your sleek, ergonomically designed Eppendorf pipette? Of course you have! This episode will walk you through the differences between the two major operating principles: namely the positive displacement (like the Multipette™/Combitips™ system) and air-cushion systems. You may be wondering when to choose which system – find out the answer in this video!

Episode 5: How to Fill Plates Faster

From viscous and volatile to oily and foaming, some liquids just won’t behave when it comes to pipetting them. But arm yourself with a few tips and tricks from this video, together with the right tools and techniques, and you’ll be able to master these challenging liquids with ease.

Episode 6: How to Take Care of Your Pipettes

We know that pipettes are one of the most used and most important instruments in the lab, so taking care of them should be top of your priority list. While sending them off to a professional maintenance and calibration provider like epServices at least once a year is a must, we’ll cover the things you can do yourself to keep your pipettes in tip top condition.

Episode 7: How to Choose the Right Pipette Tips for Your Experiment

Pipette tips are the Robin to the pipette’s Batman. The Watson to its Sherlock. The Shaggy to its Scooby-Doo. Essentially, both parts need to be right for the job to ensure the best results. In the penultimate part to this video series, we’ll show you all the different types of pipette and dispenser tips – and, most importantly, how to choose the right one for your application.

Episode 8: Liquid Handling with Bottle-Top Dispensers

If you’re not sure about the difference between a bottle-top dispenser (like the Varispenser™ 2/2x) and a bottle-top burette (such as the Eppendorf™ Top Buret), this video was made for you. Even if you already know the difference, this video is crammed with tips on how best to operate bottle-top dispensers. Check it out!

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