CO2 Incubators in the Battle Against Illness


The study of stem cells is growing significantly in importance for the combating of illness. In the area of regenerative medicine, this sort of investigation has created never-before-seen prospects. For example, stem cell therapy and transplantation have been utilized, with the aid of tissues cultivated in a laboratory setting, to repair or even substitute impaired cells and organs.

"Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are basically stem cells that remain in their initial embryonic phase of growth."

The near-limitless reproducibility and unrestricted differentiation potential of ESCs make them a useful and nearly inexhaustible resource for replacing both cells and tissues. The core of research revolves around assessing the advancement and control of early stem cell phases, as well as exploring the procedures underlying the cells' capacity to multiply and differentiate. The use of ESCs in clinical studies has given rise to the possibility of effective treatments for various ailments, such as cardiovascular or neurodegenerative diseases.

The Challenge

When conducting experiments involving cell cultures, the utmost care must be taken to ensure sterility and optimal growth conditions. The temperature must be kept at a consistent level in order to prevent cells from becoming stressed or going into shock and the humidity must remain constant to prevent cells from drying out. A CO2 incubator for stem cell research should thus ensure contamination-free conditions while being able to maintain temperature uniformity and humidity without condensation.

The BINDER™ Solution

These requirements are precisely why many laboratories have made the decision to use a BINDER™ CO2 incubator. These incubators have a number of advantages when it comes to working with cell cultures, as listed below:

  • Auto-sterilization with hot air at 180°C
  • High level of temperature uniformity
  • High relative humidity (RH) up to 95%
  • Stable pH values thanks to drift-free CO2/O2 IR sensor technology


Auto-sterilization reduces the potential risk of external contamination to a virtually non-existent level. This is a really key consideration when working with valuable human and mammalian cells. Furthermore, BINDER™ guarantees uniform temperature distribution across all levels. What's more, the humidification system ensures a high level of humidity, providing optimal evaporation protection for cultures, and the rapid humidity recovery times minimize the likelihood of cell degradation when opening the door. Finally, the drift-free CO2 measuring system with infrared sensor technology ensures stable and homogeneous gas distribution, which not only stabilizes the pH value of the medium in the long term, but also guarantees optimal cell growth.

CO2 Incubator

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