Increase Confidence at Every Stage of Your Workflow

Working in highly regulated industries, such as biotech, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, diagnostics and testing can be challenging. Information and adherence to strict guidelines are crucial, and the more you know about your products and the risks involved, the more confidence you have in your production workflow.

That’s why we’ve developed our SureTRACE program: to give you that added level of assurance that our products come with full traceability and an enhanced quality guarantee. The SureTRACE program shows at one glance all products readily available with Certificates and Change Notification without effort. SureTRACE is self-serve service available to all our customers with a Fisher Scientific account.

Save Time and Enhance Your Productivity Without Compromising on Quality.


The SureTRACE Evolution – an Ever-Evolving Program to Meet All Your Needs.

SureTRACE advantages

"SureTRACE offers a broad range of products intended to address the full spectrum for lab consumable including Safety and Cleanroom. Count on the Fisher Scientific channel and on SureTRACE to support every stage of your workflow in Quality Control"

Quality Control - Analysis

Sample Handling
Liquid Transfer

Electrochemistry and Spectroscopy

Microbiology Apparatus and Reagents




Chemicals: Buffers, Solvents, Standards and Solutions

Caps and Closures

Cold Storage

Constant Temperature


Cell Culture Accessories: Microplates, flasks, tubes, dishes, scrapers, bottles, and slides

Quality Control - Lab Safety

Glove Liners and Cleanroom Socks
Disinfectants, Detergents, Sanitisers, and supplies

Tapes and Wipers


Matting, Stationary

Mops, Buckets and Isolator Tools

Leverage SureTRACE to be your quality superpower – with one click you can opt in for guaranteed change notification during checkout and rest assured that you will have time to plan, prepare and protect by receiving advance notice of upcoming changes on items tagged as SureTRACE.

SureTRACE advantages

Opt in once and automatically receive batch/serial certification just for ordering SureTRACE. Never put your analysis at risk again by always thinking SureTRACE. Registering for Change Notification gives you notification of any upcoming changes to the products fit form and function, change in manufacturing site, and planned discontinuations.

Watch the video below to see how. It is never too early to be prepared when quality matters.



Look for products with the SureTRACE iconSureTRACE iconto start benefitting from our traceability and quality assurance today. Explore our SureTRACE range. You can also find more info on our SureTRACE Program here.


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