Strengthen the Security of Your Supply with SureTRACE+

At Fisher Scientific, we understand that being part of a highly regulated industry is challenging, especially when rules and regulations are ever-evolving and the global supply chain dynamics are constantly shifting.

We know that having the products you need for running your production facilities available at the right time and in the right quantities is critical to your success, with delays risking production line stoppages and additional costs. In addition, the supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that these risks are not limited to critical raw materials, and that shortages or delays in many products previously deemed “indirect” or “ancillary” can also have a real impact on ability to operate.

To meet these challenges, our purpose-built European warehouse and distribution network, designed around the safe handling, storage, and transportation of products, delivers the tailored logistics solutions, state-of-the-art inventory management strategies, and on-site operational support you need.

Fisher Scientific has developed a range of assurance of supply solutions that are available to production customers through our SureTRACE+ program. Our team of Production solutions specialists work with customers to identify which products are critical to operational continuity and develop supply chain strategies to deliver a reliable solution which meets the needs of the customer and is aligned with their supply chain risk mitigation plan.

Engagements are actively managed by our dedicated production solutions team (with dedicated program manager assigned to ensure seamless delivery) and go through the following program phases:

PlanIn this phase, our team works closely with each customer site to identify critical products, demand forecast expectations and key customer needs (including both assurance of supply expectations and enhanced quality support, eg. change notification, certificate delivery to support QC release etc). As part of this process, we will agree with the relevant site any specific assurance of supply measures that Fisher Scientific will implement.
PrepareThe Fisher Scientific team then ensure that the systems at each part of the supply chain (Supplier, Fisher Scientific and Customer) are properly set up and aligned to deliver a successful outcome. This includes enhanced quality measure implementation, aligning lead time data in the customer’s system and implementing any specific assurance of supply measures (eg. agreed safety stock levels maintained in the Fisher Scientific warehouse, inventory management).
ProtectOrders for critical products are flagged in the Fisher Scientific system and actively managed by our dedicated team to deliver the on-time-in-full (OTIF) delivery targets and prevent problems that could results in production delays.

SureTRACE+ is a value added service provided through our dedicated Production specialists team. Our range of assurance of supply solutions help mitigating risks to your production schedule, reduce working capital requirements and help reduce demand for resource-intensive, on-site warehouse capacity for safety stock

Your dedicated Production program manager will inform you at every stage of the program: critical products scope, agreed commitment and performance against commitment.

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