Achieving Reproducible Results in Cell Culture with Cytiva

Cell Culture 101. Treat your cells to a liquid lunch.

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For any type of research activity or bioprocess, reproducible results are key to success. However, this can be challenging since cell cultures generally provide a certain degree of experimental variability. In this webinar you will learn how to avoid unnecessary process variability by using validated products and reagents and by following general guidelines and recommendations.

This webinar will focus on discussing the following subjects:

  • General Cell Culture principles and handling
  • General recommendations and protocol guidelines
  • Cell lines
  • Bioprocesses and scalability
  • Media and Serum
  • Serum products, guidelines and differences
  • Media products, guidelines and differences
  • Media feeds and supplementation
  • Shipment, storage and handling
  • Serum stability and storage
  • Media stability and storage

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Our Speakers

team member

PhD. Pär Larsson

Field Application Specialist, Cytiva

team member

Mr. Wouter Coene

Distribution Manager Cell Culture Europe, Cytiva

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