Optimise Your Cell Culture Workflow

Solutions for culturing, passaging and decontamination are introduced.

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Best cell culturing conditions, stressless passaging and efficient decontamination of a CO₂ incubator are critical for successful cell culture. Optimal CO₂ incubator ergonomics are key for daily handling.

This 30-minute webinar highlights solutions and methods optimising the three mentioned workflow steps: cell culturing, passaging and decontamination as well as the incubator ergonomics involved.

Webinar Key Topics:

  • BINDER CO₂ incubators offer best cell culture conditions even in case of an emergency
  • See how four different ways to access the incubator make passaging less stressful for cells
  • Discover how easy manual and automatic 180°C decontamination can be
  • Learn how design and options improve incubator ergonomics

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Our Speaker

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Lothar Maresch

Biologist, Academy Manager, Binder.

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